How Do Eggplants Grow In 6 Easy Steps

How do eggplants grow

Are you want to know how do eggplants grow?

Before knowing how do eggplants grow, firstly get some basic idea about eggplant.

Eggplant is a tropical perennial vegetable plant with a mild flavor and its botanical name is Solanum Melogena belongs with the nightshade family, a distant cousin to the potato and tomato.

Eggplant generally grows in the warm season and hot sunny weather is ideal for his growth and they are indigenous to Asia & the amazon rain forest, also in other parts of the world.

Eggplant is one of the main vegetables which is served by many people in daily life. There are a good amount of varieties found in eggplant and it is very beneficial for your health.

Eggplant is easy to cook and very nutritious in nature and they can give you a variety to add to your food menu. Now let get some idea of how do eggplants grow in your garden.

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Steps how do eggplants grow:

Steps how do eggplants grow

Step 1: Firstly you have selected a good variety of seeds, so they grow easily without any problem. Now sow the seed in a germinating tray or a seedbox around 5 inches deep and give the proper amount of moisture. Cover the tray with thin soil and make sure the tray can’t be dry, otherwise, the seed may be stress in growth.

Step2: Germination takes around 5-7 days time and before germination, you need to prepare a good amount of soil. If the soil needs any nutrition, add the manure or fertilizer before planting the germination plant in this soil. Prepare the soil and feel in the you have no problem while you planting the small eggplant in the pot.

Step 3: After germination eggplant requires a good amount of sunlight, warm weather, and good a good drainage system. The ideal temperature for its growth is higher than 80°F and they take around 70 -100 days in getting mature.

Step4: Keep in mind eggplant requires a good amount of sunlight at least 6-8 hrs in a day and a good amount of water supply, so they not face any water issue. It is a crop that generally grows in hot weather, so it needs more water and care.

Step 5: After some time, eggplant start growing faster, you can trim according to their needs. During winter cover the plants during the night and open in the day while sunlight.

Step 6: Don’t leave eggplant fruit on eggplant for a long time, otherwise it will go brown and died but also affect the plant growth. When eggplant fruit is starting shining & glossy and feels soft while pressing, it simply means eggplant is ready for harvesting.

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How do eggplants grow ( tips & warning):

How do eggplants grow ( tips & warning)

1. Eggplants are not preferred to grow in cold and they hate frost, so place the eggplant in a safe place where they can protect themself from winter and frost.

2.You can support the plant with a stick so they can hold the height and grow well.

3.Harvest the fresh eggplant fruit, don’t hold the fruit on the plant for a long time, otherwise, it will affect the other fruit growth.

4.Give proper supply of water, make sure eggplant not suffering from the underwater problems.

5. If require use pesticide & insecticides but avoid overuse.


After knowing how do eggplants grow, now it’s time to grow eggplants in your garden and enjoy the taste of eggplant and also earn some money by selling it.

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