How To Prune Tomato Plants With Best 3 Steps ( Complete Guide)

How To Prune Tomato Plants

As a gardener, you always focus on how to prune tomato plants so you keep your plants healthy and gain large production of tomato.

Pruning tomato in the garden not only helps you to thrive in your tomato plants but also minimizes the possibility of an effect on any kind of disease.

Before understanding the method of how to prune tomato plants firstly know that why it is important for us to prune tomato plants.

Why it is important to prune your growing plant:

Why it is important to prune your growing plant

1. If you really want the best out of your plant, then pruning is very important for your plant.

2.It minimize the risk of disease in your tomato plants and help plants to improve their immunity.

3.Because of pruning your tomato plant save more energy utilize this energy in growing fruits rather than wasting its energy in branches and leaves that are no longer beneficial for plants.

4.Pruning gives a better chance to plant gain more sunlight and air circulation the entire body.

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Precautions are taken before how to prune tomato plants:

Precautions are taken before how to prune tomato plants

1. It is very important that if require then prune the tomato plant, avoid over prune, otherwise it will impact your plant growth and not gives you appropriate production.

2. Before prune the tomato plants it is important to understand why you are going to remove the plant leaves or steam like maybe the particular part of the plant is affected by disease or maybe it old or no longer beneficial for the plant.

So always keep in mind that there is some reason or purpose before prune the particular part of plants.

3.Use your index finger and thumb while pinching out the suckers and use a knife while removing the infected part of the plant by disease.

4 While pruning your tomato plants always keep in mind that after pruning your plant have at least one or two main stems remaining, a few branches and a sufficient amount of foliage can easily save and protect the fruit.

5. There are two main types of tomato plants that are found to determinate and indeterminate type.

In the case of a determinate type of tomato plant please keep in mind that they will grow at a certain height and thrive fruit in one if you remove the suckers, you may lose the production of fruits.

In the case of indeterminate type of plants, you can properly use pruning but also avoid over-pruning otherwise your plant may be affected.

6. it is always advisable to remove the suckers in the beginning before its too mature because it is easy to prune, otherwise when they get to mature it consume too much amount of plant energy and affect the production of tomato fruits.

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Steps how to prune tomato plants:

Steps how to prune tomato plants

1.By using your thumb and index finger, you can remove the suckers after plants gaining the heights between 12-24 inches tall.

2.It is always recommended that prune your plant of a dry day in the morning time.

3. Pruning once a week is more then enough if you looking for the best result. Avoid over-pruning.

4.Avoid more than one-third of the plant in one pruning session.

5. Avoid over-pruning otherwise it impacts the process of photosynthesis and your plant is also going under stress.

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