Buying A New Plant Important Checklist You Must Know (2021)

Buying A New Plant Important Checklist You Must Know (2021)

Are you plan to buying a new plant for your garden but you don’t have any idea how to buy it and what are the important things you must know before buying the new plant.

If you are the one who wants to buying a new plant, then you are coming to the right place, here you find the awesome guidelines which can help you to select the new plant.

Buying a new plant Important checklist

Buying a new plant Important checklist

1. Avoid buying fully mature plants, always buy a baby plant which is healthy. Mature plants have not a high possibility of growth while planting because they have a low possibility of surviving in the new atmosphere.

2.Always choose a plant that is suitable for your garden and has low maintenance.

3.Always choose a plant that has enough amount of foliage, so while planting plants have no problem in growth.

4.Always choose a plant that has healthy leaves, never buy a plant that has yellow or wilting leaves, because these signs indicate that they are infected by the disease.

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5.Carefully checking the root of the plants especially when you are planning to buy a potted plant. Check that if plant roots come outside the bottom hole of the pot, don’t buy it because it indicates that this plan requires to repot and its ability to grow in better condition is low and, this pot is not capable of thriving plant.

6.You must also check this, if your plant is loosened the roots in the pot, then it simply means this is re-potted from somewhere and it’s very hard for you to grow if you don’t take very intensive it is better you avoid this to buy.

7.Never buy a plant that is infected by some of the insects or any type of infection. You just totally waste your time and money and for a baby plant, it’s very hard to recover from any infection or insect attack.

8.Make sure never buy a plant that looks damaged or not looking healthy. Avoid this type of plant.

9.Always prefer to buy a plant which has buds rather than flower present on the plants and buds also has a great potential to grow in a new environment rather than a flower.

Buying a new plant Important checklist


Now you have a good idea, what things you must remember before buying a new plant for your garden. If you select the right plant, then there is a higher chance of growth and if you choose the wrong plant, you will waste your time and money.

As a responsible gardener always try to choose the best and healthy plant, which thrives well and improves the looks of your garden.

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