What Plants Can I Grow In My Kitchen Garden (2021)

What Plants Can I Grow In My Kitchen Garden (2021)

As a beginner do you want to know what plants can I grow in my kitchen garden? Are you want to experience the joy of growing your own vegetables in your kitchen garden.

There is no doubt nowadays people are more conscious about their health and they prefer to eat fresh & healthy food this is the reason why people are more focus on kitchen gardening so they easily grow organic fresh & healthy vegetables which do not harm in any way.

Before knowing what plants can I grow in my kitchen garden, firstly know that what is a kitchen garden. In simple words, the kitchen garden is a type of garden in which fruits & vegetables are grown in the backyard of your house by utilizing kitchen wastewater.

The vegetables and fruits that you are grown in the kitchen garden are only for personal use.


What Plants Can I Grow In My Kitchen Garden?

As a beginner if you have no clue what vegetables you are growing in your kitchen garden, then you are coming to the right place, here you find the easiest to grow vegetables in your garden.

1. Green Beans:

Green Beans

These green beans are one of the easiest & must grow vegetables in your garden. Green beans are also known by different names including french beans, snaps, string beans, Baguio beans, etc are eaten around the world.

Beans are coming in different varieties & taste. They are easy to grow from seeds and easy to harvest. You can grow green beans according to your needs.



Lettuce is well known as a rich source of vitamin A & folic acid, it is a low-calorie vegetable. There is no doubt lettuce is very easy to grow & require very low space & it is an ideal kitchen garden vegetable. It is most commonly used as a raw material as a salad, burgers & sandwiches.



Spinach is one of the perfect kitchen garden vegetables for a complete beginner because it is quite easy to grow & a very fast growth rate in comparison to other vegetables.

Because of its high nutritional value & a rich source of calcium, iron & antioxidants, most people prefer to grow spinach in their kitchen garden.

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Tomato vegetable is must grown and best option for every kitchen gardener because they are easy to grow and comes in so many varieties but they are great source f vitamin C, vitamin A & lycopene also of its usage, it can easily be used in almost every recipe or cuisine.



Because of easy to grow & capable to give you relief in the heat of summer, cucumber is the best option for your kitchen garden. Cucumber is most commonly used as a salad.

You can grow them easily by seeds in late spring after the last frost. By growing a few plants you harvest a good amount of cucumbers for your salad.



This is one of the easy to grow and easy to harvest vegetables without any hard work. There are around 5000 types of potato varieties are found, so you can grow according to availability & taste.

There is no doubt potato is the king of vegetable & used as a good source of food.

7.Sweet peppers:

Sweet peppers

Sweet peppers are one of the best options because they are a rich source of vitamin A & Vitamin C and it comes with different shape & size. This is one of the most grown vegetables in your garden. Make sure for the best thriving results to grow them in the hot summer.

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