Hibiscus Plant Care Tips Understand In 7 Easy Steps

Hibiscus Plant Care Tips Understand in 7 Steps

Are you want to know about hibiscus plant care tips, so your hibiscus plant thrive easily without any problem. There is no doubt it is a very favorite flower plant for most of the gardeners.

Before knowing hibiscus plant care tips firstly know about some common facts about the hibiscus plant so it’s easy for you to know them better and also helps you to take care of the hibiscus plant easily.

Important facts about the hibiscus plant:

Important facts about the hibiscus plant
1.Hibiscus plant is basically related to mallow family Malvaceae and there are over 200 species are found on the earth.

2. Hibiscus plants are native to subtropical and warm climate regions around the world.

3.It is a small woody annual and perennial herbaceous plant and it is mostly cultivated as an ornamental plant.

4.The flower of hibiscus is coming with 5 or more petals and the leaves of this plant come in alternative patterns with lobbed margin.

5.In temperate zone they are most commonly known as an ornamental plant.

6.The tea made by the hibiscus plant is most popular in cold and hot regions because it’s caffeine-free.

7.Amer Suzanne, Chinese hibiscus, Tigerama, Luna red, Amazon queen, etc are some of the main hibiscus plant varieties.

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Hibiscus Plant Care (Tips & warning):

Hibiscus Plant Care (Tips & warning)

1. Care & growth:
There is no doubt the hibiscus plant is very sensitive to cold, so if they feel temperature below then 35 degrees Fahrenheit, then plants really feel stressed and facing problems in growth.

To overcome this problem make sure, provide enough amount of sunlight and protect the hibiscus plant from frost and cold during the cold season, so it is better you change their place where they get enough amount of sunlight.


Make sure to always give fertilizer to the plant on an early basis, so the plant may not feel any difficulty in thriving. While fertilizing the plant make sure avoid placing fertilizer near the stem or trunk of the plant.

For providing better growth to the plant, you have to apply the fertilizer on the regular basis, according to the plant’s needs.


There is no doubt the hibiscus plant really needs a good amount of sunlight. For better plant growth make sure to provide them direct bright sunlight.

If a plant gets enough amount of sunlight, then it easily completes the process of photosynthesis and other daily life activities without any problem.


For the development of any plant pruning, is plays a very important role. Make sure while pruning avoids over-pruning otherwise plant may feel stressed. For the best result, it is recommended to always prune the plant mostly in late winters.


Overwater or underwater is most of the common problem faced by the plant if you have no idea how much water is required to the plant according to the season.

As a caretaker of the plant you have good knowledge about the plant, in what season what amount of water is required for the plant.

If your plant is facing underwater or over water problems, the possibility of growing lower is very less, the growth of the plant is stopped.


Make sure before planting the soil you have good knowledge about soil because the hibiscus plant is very sensitive to salty soils.

To avoid this problem make sure you add some minerals or organic components in the soil, which reduce the salty effects in the soil, so after hibiscus plantation, the plant may not feel any difficulty.


The process of propagation in the hibiscus plant is very easy, it can be propagated by the air-layering, cutting, grafting, division, or grown directly from seeds.

Important facts about the hibiscus plant


The plant may not feel any kind of difficulty in their growth and thriving if you follow all these tips carefully. Now you have a good idea of what are the best hibiscus plant care tips and how you care for them successfully.

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