How To Propagate Rubber Tree In 7 Easy Steps

How To Propagate Rubber Tree

Are you want to know how to propagate  rubber tree?

Before know-how to propagate rubber tree firstly get some basic idea about rubber plant.

Rubber trees are hardy and versatile plant is known to like for well temperature and

The scientific name of the rubber plant is Ficus elastica which belongs to the family of Euphorbiaceae and rubber trees are hardy and versatile plants and it’s native to Asia.

Rubber trees ideally grow faster in warm temperature and the gain height up 141 ft and when they grow, it also needs propagation.

The ideal time to propagate a rubber tree is early spring to late summer when the temperature is hot and after propagation, they recover very fast in this season.

There are mainly two methods of propagation of rubber tree is basic steam cutting and leaf bud cutting method.


Steps how to propagate rubber tree

Steps how to propagate rubber tree

1. Items you need before propagation:

Before propagating the rubber plant, you may need a few important items which make the process easy.

Items you need: A rooting Hormone, a paper towel, a clean surface, a pair of sharp pruners, A pot filled with a half-half mixture of perlite and gardening soil, and a gallon zip-top bag.

Keep in mind the propagation of rubber plants is messy in comparison to other plants because of its milky substance which is a leak while propagation.

2.Pick a healthy Mother plant:

Select a healthy plant that is well matured and after propagation, the baby plant has not faced any difficulty in thriving.

While picking the stem, make sure to select a leggy stem on rudy that didn’t receive much sunlight.

3.Make the right cut:

After selecting the stem now make the halfway cut to this stem and immediately dip the cut stem in rooting hormone.

4.Trim the cutting:

After cutting the stem now trim the plant leaves from the lower side of the stem and left 2-4 leaves from the upper side of the stem.

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5.Pot the cutting

After trimming, now it’s time to pot the cutting stem. Before placing the cutting stem in the pot dip the stem into the root hormone and after placing the stem in the pot, fill the pot with moist soil. At this time rubber trees not require root in water.

6.Now provide greenhouse environment:

After placing the stem in the pot, now provide the right temperature so the stem can sprout easily. You can provide the greenhouse environment to the rubber stem, so they can grow well. You can use a sealed bag and make sure the leaves of the rubber plant no touch the bag surface.

Provide a good soak and warm environment to the plant with partial sunlight.

7.Need Monitoring:

Now it’s time to monitor the plant and waiting for the sprout of the new leaves from the stem. You need some patience & provide moisture and warm to plant on regular basis.

After some time plants start sprouting and after 1 to 2 months of time you can remove the bag and the rubber plant take up to 6 months in developing a good root system.

How to propagate rubber tree ( tips & warning):

How to propagate rubber tree ( tips & warning):

1. While propagating the rubber plant always use fresh soil which is full-on minerals.

2.Spring time is best for propagation, which ensures a higher success rate.

3.Basically there are two methods of rubber tree propagation: air layering and stem propagation method.

4.Always wash away from your hand after propagation otherwise the milky substance may create irritation to skin.

5.Never try to suddenly change the environmental condition of the plant, otherwise, it may feel stress and its leaves may fall. Whenever you want to place the position or environment, doing in a slow way.

6.You can also propagate the rubber plant with water. The process is almost the same but in this method, you can use water in place of soil.

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