What Herbs Can Be Planted Together With 4 Easy Tips

What herbs can be planted together

Are you want to know what herbs can be planted together? Because herbs are the most important plants in the world. They are very easy to grow and propagate but also have great medicinal values.

If you think what herbs can be planted together is a difficult thing and it requires too much skill and time but it is a very easy process.

One of the biggest advantages of planting herbs in your garden is they don’t suffer much from any insect attack and they are not prone to any disease.

Before knowing what herbs can be planted together, firstly get some basic idea about how to planting herbs successfully.

How to planting herbs

1. Identity what type of herbs you want to plant:

Before planting the herbs, you need to identify the motive for planting herbs. Are you going to planting a herb fr home decoration or used as add flavor to your cooking or do you want to freshen your house or kitchen environment with herbs aroma?

Whatever the herbs you are planting make sure it satisfies your motives and finds it very helpful for you. If your planting herbs by cutting it is better you plant outside in the garden and if you plan to plant herbs from seed it is very easy to plant in a pot.

2.Select the right place:

After identifying the motive, now it’s time to select the right location for your planting herbs. While selecting the location of the planting herbs make sure to select a place where herbs plant get at least 4 hrs of sunlight.

Herbs plant needs a good amount of sunlight for their growth and if you plant inside the make sure you place the plant near the window, so the plant has no problem in growth.

Herbs plants ideally prefer to grow in fertile soil with alkaline based.

3.Go for the herbs garden kits:

If you have a problem in finding the right variety of seed and soil, then you can use a herbs garden kit. It comes with a potted baby plant that is planted in a pot with rich quality of soil which increases chances of better growth in your house.

4. Seasonal Care:

Herbs plant doesn’t require too much care, they only require well watering during summer and require weeds out from the garden and to fix this problem in a smart way you can use of mulching.

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What herbs can be planted together:

What herbs can be planted together (1)

Plantings herbs together is not a big deal if you matching your herb’s preferred condition. Planting herbs together can promote the health and growth of your garden.

Matching Comparability is so important before planting herbs together. Like you can’t grow a plant that prefers dry soil and wants o to grow with moist soil. Comparability is very important if you want to plant herbs together.

Here you will find a list of some good variety of herbs which you can be planted together.

1.Mint: You can easily plant a mint with cabbage & tomato. You can plant it in a pot or in a garden.

2.Basil: You can plant Basil with tomato, chili, oregano, and parsley. Basil is used as a repellent for insects and mosquitoes.

3.Rosemery: You can easily grow rosemary with sage, thyme, and delicious stew.

4.Chives: They generally grow with most of the plants but they ideally prefer to grow with carrots and green mustard.

5.Sage: Sage can easy compatible to grow with tomato, carrots, rosemary, and thyme.

6. Coriander: It is easy to grow with dill, parsley, and anise. It is very flexible and easy to grow.

7.Parsley: It is very versatile and it is easy to grow with tomato.

8.Thyme: It is a great garden companion with rosemary.

9.Garlic: Garlic needs a little bit of patience and it can easily grow with carrots, chamomile, and dills.

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