Top 18 Interesting Facts About Forests In 2021

Interesting Facts About Forests

How much you familiar with interesting facts about forests?

There is no doubt because of the forest the life on earth is amazing and without forest, you cannot imagine life on earth. Forest really impact the life on earth so let’s know some interesting facts about forests.

Interesting Facts About Forests

Interesting Facts About Forests

1. On 21 March every year international Day of  forest is celebrated, so people will aware of the importance of forest in their life.

2.Forest almost covers 1/3 area of the earth. Simply a forest is a place the area is dominated by trees.

3. You amazed to know that forests are the home of over 81% of plants & animals.

4.More then 1.8 billion people depend directly or indirectly for their livelihood & and daily life needs.

5. A tree can easily filter up to 150 kg of carbon dioxide every year and convert it into oxygen.

6. Nowadays people are aware of forest education and they want to feel and learn more about forests, so under the forest awareness program, they are participating in ecotourism. Now eco-tourism is one of the trending topics in the world.

7. The distribution of forest are not common throughout the world, this is the reason only 10 countries hold the world 2/3 forest and other 64 countries holds less than 10% area of forest.

8.Forest plays an important role in stabilizing the climate and biomass. The forest is not only responsible for improving the air quality index but also helps in prevent soil erosion, floods and increase water conservation.

9.Because of forests, humans are able to control global warming & reduce the temperature of the earth, otherwise water level of the sea is increasing due to the melting of glaciers.

Interesting Facts About Forests

10.In the forest there are more than 60,000 plants or tree species are living.

11.Around 150 species a day become exist because their habitats are lost, and this is a very serious problem. So to fix this problem you have to plants more & more trees and focus on forest conservation.

12. More than 80% of the animal’s species are directly or indirectly depend on the forest for their home.

13. According to a report because of deforestation every 60 minutes, we lose the area of 60 football playgrounds, deforestation really a serious threat to human life if you are not serious anymore.

14.You are amazing to know that more than 40% of the oxygen are only produced by rainforest in the world.

15.For the survival of any forest temperature & rainfall plays a very crucial role.

16.Around more than 60% of industries directly or indirectly depends on a forest and agriculture.

17.Hyperion is the tallest tree in the world and its height up to 151.61 meters tall.

18.More than 25% of the medicine is produced by rain forest.

Interesting Facts About Forests

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