Is A Tree A Plant, Understand In 4 Easy Steps

Is A Tree A Plant

Are you want to know the answer is a tree a plant or not? Before knowing the answer is a tree a plant or not firstly you have to idea about plants, how they grow, and what is their characteristics. Then you easily able to answer is a tree a plant or not?
Plants are basically multicellular auto tropic eukaryotes of the kingdom Plantae. They do not depend on others for their food, they make their own food in the presence of sunlight.

According to the botany experts, more than 350000 extant species are found on this plant. Plants are easily found almost every time of the environment from lakes to ocean and from desert to tropical rain forest.

Characteristic of plants:

Characteristic of plants

1. Plants make their food in the presence of sunlight. Their leaves contain a green pigment is known as chlorophyll which really which plays an important role in making plant food.

2. plants are eukaryotes and multicellular which simply means that their cells contain a nucleus and membrane-bound organelles.

3.Plants can not move from one place to another like humans, but some plants have the ability to track the moment of the sun and some plants respond to touch.

4.The process of transfer generation in plants is known as alternation of generation.

5.Plants are mainly divided into two types of categories – vascular plants and nonvascular plants.

6.Buds, roots, shoots, leaves, and flower are the main plant part which is grown while the plant development phase.

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What makes plants grow?

What makes plants grow?

The growth of plants depends on various factors like environment, soil, air, water, climate, growth conditions.

The two main activities which really play an important role in the growth are respiration and photosynthesis.

Plants make their own food by the process of photosynthesis in presence of sunlight, carbon dioxide, and water and respiration convert this food into energy cells and these energies are transferred by plant tissue to all around the plant body which really helps the plants to grow and keep plants healthy.

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Difference between plant and tree:

1. Plant basically belongs to the kingdom Plantae and tree are a type of woody and tall plants.

2. Plants have no definite shapes, they found in various variety and trees have a specific shape they mostly found in the triangular, column, and rounded shape.

3. The height of the plant is short and they are closer to the ground and the height tress can be a different size and they are generally taller than other plants.

4. Apart from trees plants have a soft stem and tress have a hard woody stem.

5. The life span of the plant is very short in comparison to tress whereas some trees have a life span of more than 100 years.

6. Generally plants are auto tropes but some varieties of plants are heterotroph in nature and all trees are auto tropes.

7. Plants are biennials whereas trees are perennials.

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Is a tree a plant? (conclusion)
Is A Tree A Plant

Basically, trees are plants that have a permanent wood stem (trunk) and taller than other plants.

Yes definitely you can say that a tree is a plant, both belong to the same kingdom Plantae but still, they have some differences like in height, life span, size, and shape.

The function of plant and trees are almost the same both are multicellular and make their own food by the process of photosynthesis. So you can say that yes a tree is a plant.

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