Why Are My Plant Leaves Turning Yellow ( Best 7 Reasons )

Why Are My Plant Leaves Turning Yellow

Are you worried about why are my plant leaves turning yellow, what is the reason behind this, and how Ii keep my plant healthy?

As a Gardner you may need to focus on where did you do go wrong and there is some mistake done by you that’s why my plant leaves turning yellow.

There is nothing to worry about that if your plant’s plant leaves turning yellow, your plant is not necessarily dying.

The yellow leaves of plants indicate that there something went wrong or something lacking while caring for your plants.

Now its time to figure out the reason or causes why are my plant leaves turning yellow, so you can find the solution to fix this problem.


Reasons why are my plant leaves turning yellow:

Reasons why are my plant leaves turning yellow

1. Improper water supply or poor drainage:

Due to improper water supply or poor drainage may be one of the reasons why plant leaves turning yellow because maybe plant root not getting enough supply of water.

Due to the under watering problem is plants can perform their function, its metabolic activities may be impacted due to lack of water and without a proper supply of water.

To fix this problem make sure you can fix the improper supply of water and also check the soil, if there is a crack in soil then it simply means that your plant roots are not getting proper water due to poor drainage.

2. Improper sunlight:

Sunlight plays a major role in a process of photosynthesis and without a proper supply of sunlight, it’s hard for a plant to survive.

If plants are not getting proper sunlight, there leaves start turning green to yellow and this leads to plants towards their death.

So to counter this problem make sure you regularly check that your plant gets enough sunlight according to their need so they have no problem in processing in photosynthesis and other daily activities.

3. Overwatering:

Giving a regular supply of water is good for plants but you also need to decide how much amount of water is required otherwise over watering may impact your plant growth.

Overwatering is one of the biggest reasons why plant leaves turning yellow. Yellow color indicates the sign of stress in plants and this may happen because of overwatering.

To confirm this problem, you need to check the soil surface of the plant and see is soil containing too much moisture, and if yes there is no need for water supply in the plant for some time.

Due to excessive water supply plants, they are unable to store that much amount of water, and also it’s hard for them to evaporate too much amount of water. This is how they unable to find suitable condition and their leaves may turn yellow because of excessive water supply.

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4.Lack of proper nutrient or fertilizer:

Sometimes it is also found that plant leaves turn into yellow because of lack of nutrients or fertilizer.

You need to make sure that while taking care of plants regularly give them proper micronutrients or fertilizer according to their needs.

Due to a deficiency of nitrogen, potassium, and other micronutrients plant unable to perform their function properly.

5. Soil problems:

Regularly check the soil quality of soil, its chemical and organic composition, so your plants have no problem in their growth.

Check the pH valuer of your soil, due to an increase or decrease of pH value maybe your plants facing issues in their catabolic and metabolic process.

Make sure you maintain the proper pH value of soil, so your plant not facing any difficulty.

6.Disease or Pest Problem:

Sometimes after proper take care of the plant the leaves are still turning yellow, the reason behind this is maybe your plant is suffering from any kind of diseases or pest problem.

To fix this problem, you need to properly check up your plant on a regular basis whether it is suffering from any kind of disease or pest problem or not.


7. Leaves Age:

This is one of the most common reasons why are my plant leaves turning yellow, every plant has its life cycle and according to the life cycle of the plant, the age of leaves is decided.

When the leaves are close to complete there life cycle, then it turns in yellow, and sooner or later they apart from the plant.

So in this case you don’t need to worry about it because it’s a natural process.


Solution Why are my plant leaves turning yellow:

Solution Why are my plant leaves turning yellow

1. Check your plant on regular basis maybe twice a week is the best thing, if your plants face any problem then you fix this as soon as possible.

2. By using a moisture meter, you easily get an idea when your plants require water or not. The moisture meter helps you to deal with the overwatering problems.

3.Make sure you provide enough nutrients and fertilizer according to their need maybe once or twice a month. So your plants grow faster and they are not facing any yellow leaves problem.

4. Make sure to keep your plant dust-free, so they have no problem in gas exchange or in photosynthesis.

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