What Plants Do not Like Epsom Salt ( 3 Points Guide)

What Plants Do not Like Epsom Salt

As a gardener, most people have no idea about what plants do not like Epsom salt or not?

Before knowing that what plants don’t like Epsom salt and what is the disadvantage of using Epsom salt, firstly you know about Epsom salt.

Basically Epsom salt is a natural mineral that is made of magnesium sulfate and in the early 1600s, it was discovered in a town of Epsom in England.

Chemically it is a combination of 10% magnesium and 13% of sulfur, which really helps plants to grow very fast and helps in making their food by the process of photosynthesis.

What is the role of Epsom salt for plants?

What is the role of Epsom salt for plants?

This one of the hottest topic among gardener what is the role of Epsom salt for plants and what plants do not like Epsom salt or they like it.

Some experts say that yes definitely use the Epsom salt because it really helps for the plant in fast-growing and improves the production of a crop.

But some experts also suggest not use Epsom salt it is not useful for plant because it can’t take place the fertilizer and also damage the soil quality in the long run.

According to plant experts no doubt Epsom salt improves the plant’s nutrients absorbing capacity, make plant leaves greener, provides micronutrients of plants and neutralizes the soil pH but at the same time it can’t take place of fertilizer, only use for those plants which have a low deficiency of magnesium and makes your soil more acidic so the soil loses its fertility.

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Epsom salt is not used as complete fertilizer and it is not better performing in comparison to organic fertilizer. You cannot use it as a balanced fertilizer.

Epsom salt is most recommended for rose and tomato plants and it is not applicable for other plants.

Excessive use of Epsom salt may be damage use soil quality by increasing the acid in the soil, so it is always advisable to use it before check that is your soil really require the magnesium or not, if you use it without any quality measures it surely impact your soil fertilize and also impact the growth of the plant, so avoid excessive use of plants because most of the plants do not require Epsom salt.

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What plants do not like Epsom salt: FAQs

What plants do not like Epsom salt

1. Can the use of too much Epsom salt harms the plant?

Yes, if use you Epsom salt in too much amount it will impact the growth of the plant because magnesium is a micronutrient so the plant does need it on a large amount, so avoid too much use of Epsom salt, prefer to use organic fertilizer if possible.

2.Which plants like Epsom salt?

The use of Epsom salt is not recommended in most of the plants except tomato, rose, and pepper plants. You will use Epsom salt for these plants, avoid overuse of Epsom salt otherwise plants may be feeling stress and it affects its growth.

3. Can use Epsom salt on potted plants?

Yes definitely you can use Epsom salt on potted plants, the magnesium really helps plants to grow better because it helps roots to absorb more nutrients and minerals and also help in the photosynthesis process.

4. When spraying on foliage?

According to botany expert the best time to start spraying on plant foliage when the first blooms come, take one teaspoon and mix it with a good amount of water. Spray the once a month is recommended, do use too much.


Now you have a good idea of what plants do not like Epsom salt or not, use your brain, and analyze the things whether your plant really needs it or not. Please don’t use it because another person is also using it, use it if after analyze that your soil really needs it or they already have enough amount magnesium, avoid overuse of Epsom salt and try to grow your plants in an organic way.

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