How To Plant a Pineapple With 6 Best Easy Steps

How To Plant a Pineapple

Are you one of them who looking for how to plant a pineapple. There is no wonder if the pineapple plant considers as a wonderful fruit because of its taste full of vitamins and minerals.

The botanical name of pineapple is ananas comosus, pineapple is a biennial plant, in the very first year it can produce leaves and in the second year, the stalk converted into a fruit.

Before knowing how to plant a pineapple, know some interesting facts about pineapple.

Interesting facts about Pineapple plants:

Interesting facts about Pineapple plants

1. Pineapple plants don’t evaporate too much water from the leaves so they not require too much amount of water.

2.Pinapple belongs to the bromeliads family, so they do have a long or a big root system, so don’t need a very high quality of soil for their growth.

3.They receive water and other nutrients through their leaves more than their roots.

4.They prefers to grow in acidic soil but they also grow in any type of soil also.

5.They enjoy growing in tubes or pots.

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Steps how to plant a pineapple:

Steps how to plant a pineapple

Step 1: Get a fresh Pineapple 

Firstly buy a fresh and healthy pineapple with green leaves at the top, from a shop or anywhere and then peel off the strip and enjoy the fruit.

Step 2: Cut the pineapple stem

Trim the bottom of the pineapple with small horizontal cuts. Trim the fruit until you see the root buds.use a sharp knife fairly close to the crown. Keep the crown part of the fruit save, later this crown part use as in the growth of the plant.

Step 3: Prepare your soil

Prepare a soil base, make sure your soil has a rich amount a moist absorbing capacity, and mix some amount of fertilizer into the soil, it can keep your soil healthy and helps your pineapple plant growing fast.

Step 4: Plant it and Regular care:

Now its time to dig the hole into the soil and place the crown at the top of the soil. Once the plant is well placed into the soil, you need to add water on a regular basis.

Remember adding water to the pineapple plant once a week and add fertilizer once in two months of the time period.


Step 5: waiting for the right time:

Around 20 months of time is needed to produce a pineapple fruit under the tropical condition. Remember plants don’t have the capacity to hold the plant for a long period of time after coming to the fruit.

Step 6: Ripe time:
After 3-4 months, if you see a flower is sprouting, then it simply means the pineapple fruit is almost ready and it matures perfectly. After some days if you see the color of the shell is turning into rich golden color, it means the fruit starts ripening and the yellow color slowly comes up from the bottom of the fruit, when it comes to the top of the fruit, it ripe completely.

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Tips how to plant a pineapple:

Tips how to plant a pineapple

1. Make sure the plant gets enough sunlight so place the plant nearby window, it requires maximum sun exposure.

2. To protect the plant from the cold or frost, it is better you can grow indoor only.

3.Avoid over watering to plant otherwise it may feel stress.

4.Regular monitoring is necessary at least once a week, if there is any problem you can fix this as soon as possible.

5. Make sure to maintain ideal tropical temperature,32 degrees in the daytime and around 20 degrees at night is best for your plant growth.

6. If you try to grow this plant under colder then its holding capacity the fruit of the plant may be more acidic.


After going through the above steps now you have a good idea of how to plant a pineapple and what things are necessary or what precautions you have to follow while planting pineapple plants.

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