How To Plant Garlic In 10 Easy Steps

How To Plant Garlic

Are you interested to know how to plant garlic in your garden? Many people struggling with what is the right process of planting garlic and achieve high production.

Before getting to know about how to plant garlic, firstly you need to get some facts about the garlic and what is its characteristics.

The botanical name of garlic is Allium Sativum and it is a member of the onion family of is planted as a cash crop.

Garlic plants are native to central Asia and it is easy to grow twice a year. Garlic has natural antiseptic and antibiotic qualities.

Garlic is an amazing plant which is present on earth more than 3000 years and it is used in medicinal and culinary purpose.

Medical benefits of garlic:

1. It can help in reducing your blood pressure.

2.Regulate your blood sugar, which helps to control the cholesterol in the body.

3.Garlic cloves also help in de toxic your body by removing heavy metals from the body.

4.Easily kills harmful bacteria and molds from the body and also in some cases very effective in fighting with viruses.

5.It is used as an antiseptic or antibiotic and also safe from yeast infection.

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Steps how to plant garlic

Steps how to plant garlic

1.Make sure plant the garlic, in an open and sunny position. The ideal soil for garlic plants slightly acidic with a pH value of 6.2 to 6.8 but they still can grow in the soil with a pH value between 5.0 to 8.0.

2.After selecting the right area and position, dig a hole around 8 to 12 inch deep and add compost.make sure there is an ideal drainage system, fertilizer, and moisture present in the soil.

3.Before planting the garlic plant, select out the weeds traces garlic which has grass-like foliage. Only select the clove which has the largest foliage.

4. Avoid the tinned or pitted green one cloves because these are the signs of mold.

5.While placing the clove into the soil make sure dig around at least 2 inches deep and 5 inches apart for better growth condition.

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6.Make sure you maintain a proper supply of compost and water on a regular basis and you can cover the plants to protect from freezing and cold, otherwise, plants may affect and feel stressed.

7.In order to gain a good amount of production you need to grow large bulbs and for that, you need to cut back the flower stalk that has developed and spray compost tea on the growing young plants during the hot season.

8.While early harvesting period garlic plants require, 1-inch water every week until they mature fully. When the foliage turns green to yellow it, means the garlic is now getting mature.

9. After completing the maturity phase, once 3/4 of the garlic tops are turning yellow, it means garlic bulbs are ready to harvest.

10. After harvesting the cloves, now its time to storing the garlic cloves. Place the garlic cloves for the curing process and after curing store the garlic in a dark, dry and cool places like a storage room and basement for long use.

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Now you have a good idea about how to plant garlic. There is no doubt garlic is an amazing plant which not only used in food for flavor but also plays a very important role in the medical field because of its natural antiseptic and antibiotic quality.

Many farmers and gardeners grow the garlic plant as a cash crop and they earn a good amount of money. As a gardener planting garlic is easy but for a higher success rate, you need to care about your garlic plant carefully.

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