How To Plant Corn In 5 Easy Steps

How To Plant Corn In 5 Easy Steps

Are you want to know how to plant corn and increase your corn production in your garden.

As a beginner, it is very important to know the characteristic of corn and what are the things required before knowing how to plant corn.

No doubt corn is one of the very important places as a food crop and it also uses widely use as fodder for animals. That’s why its demand is high.

Interesting facts about corn:

Interesting facts about corn

1. Corn comes from the Spanish word and it is also known as maize.

2. Corn belongs to the grass family and it considers as a cereal crop.

3. Corn is produced in the whole part of the world except Antarctica.

4. Corn is mainly used as livestock for animal feed and raw material in many industries.

5. About 10,000 years ago, in Mexico corn was first domesticated.

6. Corn is produced in many varieties of colors like bluish, green, red, white, purple, and most common a yellow color.

7. The stem of a corn plant is commonly composed of 20 internodes.


Essential Ingredients required for plant corn:


1. Good variety of corn according to your place and area.

2. Require a large amount of space or area so there is no problem in thriving.

3. Full sun and hot weather are preferable for best crop production.

4.Proper drainage system of water.

5. Use a rich variety of soil, loamy soil is ideal for planting corn.

6. For best result plant it with soil containing a pH scale value around 6.0 to 6.8.

7. Need some Nitrogen while the growing phase of the corn plant.

8. Ideal temperature for corn growth is 21 to 24 degree Celsius.



Steps how to plant corn:

Steps how to plant corn

Step 1: When to plant corn:

The best time of planting corn is during summer the corn plant prefers to grow in warm weather. It is recommendable plant your corn 14 days before the last frost.

Whenever you planting the corn, for best results use only one variety of corn at the same time, don’t mix it with different varieties.

Step 2: Where to plant corn:

Before selecting the place for the corn, keep in mind that corn needs a lot of space because it is primarily pollinated y wind and absorb a large number of nutritive minerals from the soil.

Corn plant needs full sun for better growth, for best result plant the corn on the north or east side of the garden. Make sure there is a proper supply of water, so corn plants can’t feel any stress.

Keep in mind if there is no loamy or sandy type of soil, then mix a good amount of compost in the soil before planting the corn, which really helps to thrive your plant.

Step 3: Process how to plant corn:

While showing corn seeds, plant them 2 to 4 inches apart from each other and 8 to 10 inches deep in the soil. The distance 2 to 4 inches from plants really helps in pollination.

After a few weeks, the plants will sprout and make a small hill near the roots of the plants so, soil can contain a good amount of moisture.

Ensure proper water supply, plants need around 1 inch of water every week, if you forget it, your plant may be feeling stressed.

Step 4: How to fertilize the corn:

Make sure when plants gaining height more than 10 inches, use balance organic fertilizer around 3 times a week until they gain a height of 18 inches. Keep continuing the supply of water until the plant is ready to harvest.

Step 5: Harvesting:

Corn plants take around 70 to 80 days’ time to gain full maturity and ready to harvest. When the skin of the corn is turning brown and crisp, this shows that your corn is ready to harvest.


There is no doubt there is a lot of time and hard is required to master gardening. Now you have a good idea about how to plant corn and increase corn production. There are many factors that play an important role in the growth of crops and plants.

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