How To Plant Hydrangeas In 3 Easy Steps

How To Plant Hydrangeas

Are you looking for how to plant hydrangeas, so your garden looking beautiful?

Before knowing how to plant hydrangeas in the right way, firstly you know more about the plant hydrangeas.

The botanical name garden hydrangeas is hydrangea macrophylla of Basically hydrangeas considered as a shrub and it is a native of Japan.

Hydrangeas plant is also known as a different name as house hydrangeas, french hydrangeas, or Mopheads in different parts part of the world.

There are around 23 various varieties of hydrangea are found with unique, size, color, and growth of habit which blooms in the summertime.

How to plant hydrangeas Complete Process

How to plant hydrangeas Complete Process

1.Essential Ingredients For plant hydrangeas

a. Morning sun and shade afternoon light.

b. Good drainage system to prevent root rot but avoid overwatering.

c. Rich variety of soil with a good amount of organic compost for better results. Use of fertilizer and compost advisable May and July for hot climate and June and July for winter climate.

d. It is advisable when the plant is transferring from the pot to the garden, do so in early spring and fall.

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2. Process for rooting from established plants:

a. Cut a 5-6 “inch stalk from a nonflowering plant.

b. Cut bigger leaves in a half and remove lower leaves.

c. insert the stem in rooting hormone and then rooting stem in moist vermiculite.

d. Situate the plant in where proper sunlight is available but avoid overheating.

e. Make sure the soil moisture is not fade, keep a regular supply of water.

f. Remember roots will appear in 2 to 3 weeks and complete this process in the summertime to ensure the plant is rooted and ready for winter.

g. There is no need or a very few chances that hydrangeas need any pest if you planted the plant in suitable soil and provide proper sunlight and water.

h. Pruning of the hydrangeas plant is recommended before the month of July.

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How to grow hydrangeas problems & Solutions

How To Plant Hydrangeas

1. Because of overheating by the sun the leaves and flowers of the plant are wilted, so to fix this problem provide shade to the plant, so it prevents overheating from sunlight.

2.Due to improper supply of water or poor drainage system flower of the plant looks dry and wilted. As you know for better thrive of the plant a good amount of water is needed on a regular basis. So make sure water hydrangeas plants twice a day.

3.Sometimes due to heavy winter or cold climate buds can’t bloom into the flowers and remember temperature above 25 degree Fahrenheit is may impact the growth of the plant. To avoid this problem keep your plants covered throughout the winters.

4.There are very little chance that the hydrangea plant is infected by any insect or they require any pest. If they get infected by any insect than use the appropriate insecticide according to its need.

5.If you check out the unhealthy and discolored leaves in the plant, the reason behind is it may be infected by fungicide, so to fix this problem when you put water on the plant, add the water into the base, this helps to keep dry leaves and there is less chance that your plant is affected by fungi.

6. To ensure better bloom regular care and maintenance are required, fertilization twice a year, water two times in a day, and some light shading is required during the time of pruning.

Do you know: You can easily change the color of the flowers of the hydrangea plant by changing the acidity of the soil.


Hydrangea is a beautiful shrub and it increases the beauty of your garden and house, so after going through all the easy steps know you have a good idea how to plant hydrangeas plant in a very healthy manner.

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