How To Plant Watermelon In 5 Easy Steps

How To Plant Watermelon

Are you want to learn how to plant watermelon? No doubt watermelon is heart loving and delicious annual plant that adores a warm climate.

Watermelon is a tropical fruit containing 90% of water with vitamin A, vitamin C, and nutritive minerals like iron, zinc, potassium, etc.

If you want to plant watermelon and look at how it grows then you are at the right place. Do not worry about how to plant watermelon and follow the very few basic steps to grow the amazing fruit.

Steps how to plant watermelon:

Steps how to plant watermelon

Step 1: Select the right variety:

There is a variety of sizes available in watermelon, small to the larger size. You can choose the variety of sizes according to the space of your garden but the large size of variety is recommended because a large variety of watermelons has a good chance of success and growing healthy mature fruit.

Step 2: Selection of the right space:

As you know watermelon is a tropical fruit, so it needs a lot of sunlight while planting and growing stage. If you want to achieve a higher success rate of watermelon fruit, then make sure to select the right place where a good amount of sunlight available and avoid cold weather or air which may impact your plant growth.

Step 3: Preparation and placement:

No specific soil is required for watermelon growth except it is fertile but fertile, loamy, and well-drained soil is ideal for watermelon growth. Before planting the watermelon seeds make sure the ground should be dug up and proper sunlight, water drainage facility is available.

While mound the soil make sure the mound should be minimum 3 feet apart from another and poke 3-4 holes in one mound and soil is mounded firmly.

Make sure the soil should be tilt in a way so they are loose enough for the roots to grow and there is proper availability of oxygen and moisture, which really thrive the watermelon.

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Step 4: Care & maintenance:

In the initial stage when sprouts coming within 10 days make sure you prevent it from soil erosion or any moisture lost. Plants need immense care and avoid any type of stress taken by plants part like leaves, root, and steams of the plant.

There is a need to kept continuous moisture in the soil for better plant growth, after some when the flower appears, make sure to remove the covering to allow insects or bees to help in pollination. Apply fertilizer on regular basis every 3 weeks is recommended.

Step 5: Harvesting time:

There is no exact time of harvesting the watermelon, the time is different from the variety to variety but in general, it takes around 80 to 90 days to reach its optimum and mature growth. After completing the mature phase, the color of the fruits turns dark green, and later turning yellow color creeps in and a thumping sound indicates that they are ready for picking.

How to plant watermelon tips and warning:

How to plant watermelon tips and warning

1. Before planting the watermelon, make sure to check the pH of soil by acidity test kit which gives you an idea what is the pH of the soil and what type of soil you are using while planting. watermelon plant thrives best in neutral pH but they survive up to acidity level up to 5.5.

2. For best results make sure plant only one variety of seeds, avoid mix variety of planting otherwise it will impact the production and growth of the plant.

3.Regular monitoring of the watermelon plants at least twice a week, if there is any problem fix it as soon as possible.

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