When to Plant Pumpkins In 5 Easy Steps

When to Plant Pumpkins

Are you one of them who wants to know when to plant pumpkins and how to grow them in the garden successfully?

Pumpkin is a wonderful vegetable that is full of fiber, potassium, and carotenoids( an antioxidant) and also used as a veggie.

Before knowing exactly when to plant pumpkins firstly know some important facts about pumpkins which really increase your success rate.

Important facts about pumpkins before plantation:

1. Summer season is ideal for pumpkins growth. It is always recommendable you can grow pumpkins during hot summer.

2.For best result always uses a large area to cultivate pumpkins.

3.Always prefer a location where a good amount of sunlight is present.

4.Pumpkins plants need regular water.

5.For better growth must leave proper space between saplings.

6.Avoid pumpkin plants to plant in a congested manner.

7.The ideal temperature for the growth of the pumpkins plants is between 20 to 22 degree Celcius.

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Steps When to Plant Pumpkins

Steps When to Plant Pumpkins

1. Preparing for the soil:

Pumpkins are a warm water plant and they prefer to grow in pH between 6 to 7.2. If you found your soil is most acidic, then you add gardeners lime, and if you found your soil is highly alkaline then you add sulfur to fix the soil issue.

Pumpkin is an annual crop and they produce their fruits before winter can set they require a rich amount of soil. For fast and better results you need to add a good amount of compost in the soil with sulfur and potash.

2.Plantation process of Pumpkins:

You need to be very careful while plantation process of pumpkins. You need to select a large area where a good amount of sunlight is coming.

You need to dig a hole in the soil around 17 to 18 inches and add a good amount of organic compost. It is advisable that you must plant the pumpkins during the summer because they are frost sensitive and this will impact their growth. Keep giving water to the plant on regular basis.

You need to place the seed at least around 2 inches deep into the soil.

3.Germination process:

It is advisable that before placing the seed, soak every seed with water, it increases the possibility of growing every seed. If everything is going fine then seeds may hardly take 8 to 10 days to germination after planting the seeds. Please don’t forget to add water to the plant on regular basis.

4. Favourable conditions:

Make sure while the growing phase of pumpkin plants provide all the favorable condition to plants so it can grow well and fast. They are grown in summer and require almost 70-120 days before they are ready to harvest.

Provide sufficient water to the plant and make sure you avoid lack of water and over water problem with the plant, otherwise, it may feel stress.

5. Harvesting:

After 70 -129 days, pumpkin plants are ready to harvest. While the period between growth and harvesting, you need to focus on the plants get the proper growing condition, water, sunlight, pest, and fertilizer on regular basis. Well, the whole process takes around 3 to 4 months.

After maturing the fruit make sure you cut off them with at least 5 to 6 cm with stalk, this will help the pumpkin to avoid the mount and its life is longer.

While storing the pumpkin, make sure to avoid it from direct sunlight and cold, otherwise, it may decrease the life of the pumpkin.

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When to Plant Pumpkins ( Tips & Warning):

When to Plant Pumpkins ( Tips & Warning)

1. Pumpkins are weather-sensitive vegetables so avoid plantation in frost and cold weather.

2. Heavy rain may affect the pollination process and it affects the production of the pumpkin.

3.It is advisable that don’t use seed which is younger than 3 years, otherwise, the possibility of growing male flower is higher rather than female flower and it will affect the pollination process.

4. Make proper use of compost or organic fertilizer which is very essential for the growth of plants.

5.Make sure your drainage system is working fine, otherwise in lack of water plants may be stress.


Now you have a good idea when to plant Pumpkins and what are the conditions required for the growth of pumpkin successfully. If you follow all these tips and warnings, nobody can stop you to grow pumpkin successfully.


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