What Should I Name My Plant Best 30 + Name Suggestions

What Should I Name My Plant

Are you also facing the problem of what should I name my plant as a gardener?

Here is a question why should I name my plant, the answer is, it is a very common thing if you make a relationship with someone, you give the name.

So as a gardener if you planting a tree or a plant, what you do if there are many plants in your garden, what you call them each, are you assuming that you remember about all the plants without naming them and what you introduce others about particular plants.

Naming a plant gives the identity to the plant. If in your garden there are so many plants and trees and what you call them if they have no names maybe you call them a leaf of a bundle or tall plant or small plant, but how you identify a particular plant without naming it.


Why should I choose the name of My plant:

There is nothing a hard and fast rule or it is compulsory that you should name your plant, its your choice.

You may put the name of your plant according to your wish or you may select the name of a plant someone whom you love or whom you miss, it all your personal choice.

Naming the plants gives you the opportunity to describe about your plants to others because there are so unlimited plants present in the environment.

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What should I name my plant ( plant name suggestions)

What should I name my plant ( plant name suggestions)

As a house plant owner, here you find a list of plant name suggestions, so you can use any name as the personal name of the plants or trees.

1. Old name:

If you are an epic lover and really trust in old is gold, then you may choose the name of a plant which is old but awesome.

Harold, Martha, Marj, Clyde, Ida, Albert, Florence, Virgil, Walter, Selma, Winifred, Gerard, Cornelius, Myrtle, Elite, Edith, etc.

2.Common name:

These are some common names anyone use it.

Richard, Gary, Chuck, Jim, Steve, Linda, Susan, Barbara, Jim, Kevin, Steve, Fred, Bruce, Mark, Newman, Eric, Amy, Chad,

3.Plant Variation name Types:

Planty, Mr plant, Professor Plant, President Plant, Justice Plant, Duke plant, Lil Plant

4. Mythological, Popular Names:

If you love mythologies or like old names.so you can use a mythological name for your plants.

Odin, Zeus, Abraham Lincoln, Brad Pitt, Bilbo, Nic Cage, Caesar, Gandalf, etc.

5. Pet names:

If you like pets, then you also use pet names for your plants.

Pie, Spike, Rover, snuggles, sparkle, etc.

6. Pairs Name:

Mr. & Miss Plant, Walt & Jesse, Aly & AJ, Simon & Garfunkel, Rick and Morty, Jelly & Peanut butter, Wanda & Cosmo, etc.

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As long as you show interest in gardening you find a relationship with your plants. So  It is very important that you give the name of your relationship with a particular plant so you get a good memory about plants or treat them as your friend, if you call plants from their names you find yourself closer to them. Now you have a good idea of what should I name my plant as a Gardner.


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