Why Is My Plant Dying Insights In 5 Easy Steps

Why Is My Plant Dying

Are you one of them who find the answer why is my plant dying?

Are you one who is not sure and can’t find the answer why is my plant dying?

Now you have a question in your mind, may saving dying plant is possible or not after finding the cause.

Yes, it is possible, that you saving a dying plant, but the conditions are you must figure out the root cause as soon as possible, if there is any delay it may be too late to recover the plant.

Now I am going to be sharing with you some most common reasons which may be the possible reason for plant dying.

Why is my plant dying ( reason):

Why Is My Plant Dying

1. Soil:

Soil is one of the most critical factors in the growth of the plant. May your plant or tree is not compatible with soil.

You need to check your soil maybe it has more acidic or basic in nature, which is not suitable for plants.

To fix this issue, check the pH of your soil or take a soil test before planting the tree. The other reason is maybe the soil has a lack of essential nutrients which is essential for plant growth like macro or micronutrients.


Water is one of the basic element which plays a very important in the development of plants if there are no water plants unable to perform its evaporation.

Just like the plant is die in lack of improper water supply, overwatering is also may cause the reason of plant death.

If you found that your plant is dying, make sure, if your plant lack of water or drainage problem, give a proper amount of water on a regular basis.

Because of the overwater problem, the plant-soil is not absorbed the right amount of oxygen and may feel stress. To check this problem, add only that much amount of water, according to the plant need.

3.Overs use of herbicides:

Optimum use of anything is always good, avoid overuse of pesticide or herbicide. A limited amount is more than enough.

The overuse of herbicides or pesticides may put a negative impact on the plant, so plants may change the color of leaves and roots may not functioning properly.

So it is always advisable that avoid the overuse of pesticides and herbicides.

4. Due to disease or insect:

This is one of the most common reasons why your plant is dying. There is a higher possibility that plant is affected by insect or disease in every season of planting.

Beetles, emerald ash borders, oak wilt are the some most common insect which affect the plants.to fix this issue you need to use the pesticide or insecticides according to the guidelines.

5. Age factor:

This is a very know factor that indicates that your plant is complete its life cycle and they are not able to survive anymore because it is fully mature and completes its life spam.

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Why is my plant dying ( Random Reasons):

Why Is My Plant Dying

Along with the main factors, there are some other factors which also responsible for plant death.so let’s know one by one.

1. Sometimes you do not propagate the tree or plant as much they require, sooner or later plant feels stressed and moving towards death.

2.If plant does not get enough amount of sunlight, they unable to prepare their food in the right way, and this really affects the plant growth.

3.Because of lack of micro and macronutrient plants may affect and they become dead.

4.Over heating or burning also damage plants, make sure you avoid overheating plants so replace the plant’s position, so the plant can them themselves from overheating and burning problems.

5.Grow plant or tree in an organic way, avoid overuse of chemicals and fertilizers.

6.If you forget to protect plants from the cold climate or frost, it definitely affects the plant growth or may cause a reason for death.

7.Make sure your plant gets the right amount of humidity from the atmosphere, if not get enough amount of atmosphere, it may die.


Now you get the answer, why is my plant dying. There are many factors that are responsible for the death of plants. Regular care and maintenance is the key to success to avoid the plant from death.

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