Why Are Trees Important Understand In 13 Easy Steps

Why are trees important

Are you want to know why are trees important? A human can’t survive without trees’ existence, they play a critical role for people and the planet.

There is no doubt trees are a primary source of food and an integral part of the ecosystem. There are unlimited benefits to trees.

1. Trees provide us Oxygen:

For humans, it is impossible to survive a single moment without oxygen and the trees are the only primary source of producing oxygen. Tress can be a massive source of improving air quality.

2. Noise pollution:
Trees can help in reducing noise pollution. Very few people know trees may help in reducing sound pollution. It really helps in the areas where airports or motorways are present.

3.Prevent soil erosion:

In mountain or sliding area, the tree plays a major role in preventing soil erosion and help in protecting the soil fertility which really helps in plant and environment growth.

Why Are Trees Important Understand In 13 Easy Steps

4.Reduce carbon dioxide:

Tress really helps in maintaining the carbon dioxide, they absorb carbon and use this carbon dioxide in the process of photosynthesis and release oxygen. Carbon is really harmful to our environment and increases global warming. This shows how plants help in reducing global warming.

5.Improve the air quality:
You believe or not trees really help improve the air quality by reducing harmful pollutants like nitrogen monoxide and carbon monoxide.

6.Provide shade & shelter :
Trees are brilliant in providing shade & shelter during the warm summer. Under trees shade, people feel better and cool.


There is no doubt tress looks very beautiful and feels good to your eyes. Under the shade of the trees, people feel relax and it reduces their depression.

8.Providing medicine and spices:

Tress helps humans in every way, they provide us spices to enhancing taste while food serving and keep you healthy by providing medicine which really helps you keep you fit.

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Why are trees important

9.Provide food:

As you know trees are primary producers and they provide us food for a living, they make their food by the process of photosynthesis. Every human directly or indirectly depends on trees and plants for their food.

10.Trees help in develop wildlife:

There are no doubt trees host complex microhabitats, they provide shelter from bacteria to large animals. Trees also help strengthen in community and encourage local pride.

11.Important role in the economy:
Tress plays important role in every country’s economy and development. Trees provide raw material to manufacturing industries. People of every country directly or indirectly depend on trees.

12.Trees provides Job:
In every country, trees or woods play a huge role in providing an important role in offering jobs and livelihood.

13.Increase property values:
Nowadays people are interested in buying properties near the woods and trees. Properties are nowadays, increasing day by day.


Why are trees important ( Random facts):

Why are trees important ( Random facts)
1. Tress increase business traffic and international trade.

2. Tress help to prevents water pollution and also helps to increase the water level of the soil.

3. Tress conserve energy and help in saving water.

4. Tress provides us personal & spiritual values and growth.

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Why Are Trees Important Understand In 13 Easy Steps