Is Lavender Plant Safe For Dogs Understand In 2 Easy Steps

is lavender plant safe for dogs

Are want to know is lavender plant safe for dogs? There is no doubt lavender is known as a queen of herbs and it is the most popular aromatic herbs.

Before knowing the answer is lavender plant safe for dogs or not, firstly get some basic insight about which really helps you in deciding, is lavender plant safe for dogs or not?

The botanical name of the lavender plant is Lavendula Angustifolia which belongs to the family Lamiaceae and generally also known as common lavender or English lavender.

The lavender comes from the Latin root “lavare” which simply means is to wash. They are mostly cultivated in a temperate climate and commonly used as herbs and ornamental plants.

Lavender plants have high medicinal and health values, it mainly uses in mental health issues, anxiety, depression, headache, hair loss, nausea, toothaches, skin irritation, and many more health issues.

Is lavender plant safe for dogs?

Is Lavender Plant Safe For Dogs
Lavender is very strong in floral scent and flavor. The answer to this question is lavender plants safe for dogs, the answer is maybe yes or not. It depends on the conditions.

As you know the dogs have an incredible sense of smell, so you need to care about fragrant lavender in the garden. Because there is a compound name linalool which is toxic for dogs.
The linalool toxic impact is not huge and there is a very rare chance it affects to dog. But if a dog ingests a large quantity it may affect their health.

The dog may vomit, inability to defecate, reduced appetite, fever, and feeling sick after ingesting a large amount of linalool. If you found any symptoms in your dog, immediately consult your animal doctor.


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