How To Plants Carrots In 10 Easy Steps

How To Plants Carrots

Are you interested to know How to plants carrots and how to grow the carrot successfully at home?

Before knowing that how to plants carrots firstly get some basic information about the carrot.

The botanical name of carrot is Daucus Carota and it is a good source of vitamin and fiber which is really beneficial for our body.

If you really want to know how to plant carrots successfully at home, then you are coming at the right, you do nothing just work on the given tips and methods.

Steps How to plants carrots

How to plants carrots

1. Select the place:

Before planting the carrot, you need to select the right place where the full amount of sunlight is coming.

2. Check your soil:

For best carrots plant growth, select the soil containing a pH value between 5.8 to 6.8. Avoid using hard or heavy clay because in the early stages carrot has a delicate root system. Use soft and aerated soil, which helps the carrot plant spread their root perfectly.

3.Planting method:

Carrots are basically cool-season crops, but climate also plays an important role in the planting of carrot.

Dig a hole around 12 inches in the soil, take out all the small stones and other hard material if you found. Keep in mind if any small part of the stone is remaining it may damage the carrot from inside and create an obstacle in root development.

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4. Compost:

Before planting the carrot make sure you mix some compost into the soil, which really helps the soil to capture the right amount of moisture for a long time.

Moist soil is ideal for better carrot growth, it will increase the sweetness and become less fibrous.

5. Seed germination process:

Before planting the carrot seeds make sure you soak the seeds around 6 hours prior to planting., It will increase the seed germination process in a healthy manner.

After planting carrot seed, it will hardly take 14 days or 2 weeks time to germinate the seeds. Keep in mind, the proper amount of moisture is always present in the soil.

6.  Compost:
It is recommended that if you won’t capture the warmth of the sun, early showing should be shallow and for spring season place the seed on the surface.

After planting the seed, cover the surface of with a thin layer of soil mix compost, which really helps the seeds to grow in a healthy manner.

7.Growing Guidelines:

While planting the seed, make sure must maintain the proper space ( more than 1 inch), otherwise, the seed may face problems in germination and the root is not also developed properly.

8.  Moisture:
To ensure the better growth of spraying the compost tea, make sure soil contains enough moisture.

Carrot plants require one-inch water per week, so keep give the proper amount of water to the plant on a regular basis.

9. Protection from Pest:

You can use pest if your carrot seed suffering from insects like weevils and rust flies. Make sure to cover the row with soil and compost so pest not affects your seed.

To protect the carrot from rodents and other big animals, you can use wireframes.

10. Harvesting:

When the Carrots turn orange, it simply means that the carrot is mature now and it is ready to harvest. Make sure harvesting carefully, so other plants may not damage.

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How to plants carrots ( Warning & Tips)

How to plants carrots

1. Give a twist to the carrot while harvesting or pull them out from the ground.

2.From sprouting to harvesting period, make sure soil has enough moisture.

3.Before pull out the carrot, water the carrot bed, so they can easily out from the ground.

4.Make sure there is no problem in the regular supply of water once in a week.

5.Avoid to plant carrot on rocky places, the root is not developed properly.

6.Carrot plants dislike transplanting, so avoid transplanting otherwise they feel stress and not grow in a healthy manner.

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