How To Plant A Money Tree In 3 Easy Steps

How To Plant A Money Tree

Are you wondering how to plant a money tree? Planting and growing money treeis very easy even beginners can also plant it successfully

Before knowing how to plant a money tree firstly get some information about the money tree.

Money plant is also known as Pachira and it is a native plant to central and south America. They prefer to grow in a marshy wetlands with a lot of moisture and humidity.

Money plants generally gain height up to 60 feet tall outside and indoor they gain height around 3 to 6 feet.


Essential Requirement while planting a money tree:

Steps how to plant a money tree

1. sunlight:

The money plants need bright sunlight to thriving but avoid direct sunlight. You can place the plant inside the house near the window, where bright indirect sunlight is coming.

If you put the money plant direct under the sunlight or there is too much heavy light, the plant leaves may feel burn or brown spot comes into the leaves and plant feel stressed.

2. Water:

Money plants require an average amount of water on a regular basis and in winter they require very less amount of water.

Avoid overwatering otherwise plant feel stressed and this affects its growth.keep in mind while you watering indoor plants give water before the soil is dry.


The ideal temperature for their growth is around Between 65 and 75°F. The money plant is very sensitive so place them where the temperature is not very low and very high.


For money plants quick-draining potting mix soil is ideal for growth.

they don’t need a large amount of fertilizer, half strength liquid fertilizer is more than enough. They need fertilizer twice a year, not more than that.

In high humidity condition, the money plant is thriving well.

7.Propagation: simply require air layering and stem cutting. Make sure the soil keep proper moisture, once in a 4 week you can propagate the money plant.

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Steps how to plant a money tree:

1. simply dig a hole into the soil and place the seed and cover the seed with soil and direct and add some water and also add some fertilizer if required.

2.Make sure the seed gets the proper amount of light sunlight but not direct and add a sufficient amount of water on a regular basis.

3.It takes hardly 2 weeks the seed is sprouted and starts growing in a healthy manner. Make sure while seed in a process of growing, they receive at least 6-8 hrs of sunlight in a day.

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How to plant a money tree ( warning and solution):

Essential Requirement while planting a money tree

1. Yellow leaves:
If your money plants leaves are turning yellow, it simply means that plant is facing over water problem.

2. Brown Leaves:

If money plants  leaves are turning brown it simply means that your plants are facing the lack of humidity. To fix this make sure to provide a good amount of moisture.

3. Dropping leaves:
If your plant dropping leaves abnormally, then it means the plant is suffering from overwater or suffering from cold. To fix this, make sure to place the plant in normal condition.


These are the very basic instructions on how to plant a money tree. Once you identify all the possible conditions and then there is a higher chance to plant a money tree successfully.

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