Types Of Soil You Must Know As A Gardener (2021)

What is soil

As a gardener, it is very important to know how many types of soil are there and which soil is best for your garden. There is no doubt soil plays a very important role in the success of your gardening, so it is compulsory that you have a good knowledge of soil texture & what are the type of soil.

If you are a complete beginner & you have no idea about types of soil then you are coming to the right place here you find the insights about all types of soil, then it’s easy for you to make the right strategy for your garden according to the availability of soil & soil types in your area.

If you have good knowledge of types of soil, then easily take an idea about what type of fertilizer & how much amount of water your soil demands, all these things make your gardening very easy.

What is soil

Soil is basically a thin layer which is a complex mixture of minerals, nutrients, organic matter that covers the earth’s surface. Soil plays an important role in the growth of plants and it is the home of countless organisms.

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Types Of Soil:


Types Of Soil You Must Know As A Gardener (2021)

1. sandy soil:

Silica, quartz & other rocks play an important role in the formation of sandy soil. They are coarse-textured, it drains so quickly this is the reason they have lack amount of minerals.

Sandy soil is easy to dig & cultivate in comparison to clay or other soil. The only disadvantage is plants need water for a regular period of time without any delay otherwise the plant may feel stress or in danger.

2.Silty soil:

Silty soil is heavier than sandy soil because they have a tendency of capturing moisture for a very long time in comparison to sandy soil and contains more nutrients than sandy soil.

Silty soil is mainly formed by an eroded rock or worn away by water. They have a good drainage system & easier to cultivate than clay soil.

3.Clay soil:

Due to the lack of air space in the soil particle, the soil becomes heavy & feels sticky when moistened. During wet conditions, it’s very hard to work with & has poor drainage.

The soil is acidic in nature & clinging very easily from the feet in dry weather.

4. Loamy soil:

There is no doubt loamy soil is the best for your gardening practice, it is a mixture of sand, silt & clay in a balanced form that is perfect for your garden. This is one of the most fertile soil, you can grow almost every type of crop & vegetables very easily.

5. Chalk soils:

Also, know as calcareous soil generally found over chalk beds found in the deep earth. It is very sticky & hard to work in a wet condition.

6.Peaty soil:

This type of soil generally found in boggy & fen areas. The soil is very acidic in nature & this type of soil is mainly composed due to waterlogging & an excessive amount of moisture. The soil is not very nutrient-rich. If you can grow plants with the use of fertilizer there is a good possibility that you are successful.


Types Of Soil

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