Types Of Forest What Are The Types Of Forest (2021)

Types Of Forest What Are The Types Of Forest (2021)

Are you want to know what are the types of forest? There is no doubt forests play an important role in the existence of human life. Forest generally covers 1/3 area of the earth and found in almost every part of the earth.

If you have no idea about what are the types of forest, then it’s not easy for you to understand trees & plants according to their climatic & geographical condition.

Before knowing what are the types of forest in detail firstly get some basic facts about the forest.

1. Forest almost covers the 1/3 surface of the earth & if you combine animals & plants it almost covers half the area of the earth.

2.Around 1/4 part of all modern medicine comes only from tropical forests.

3.Forest plays an important role in balancing the carbon cycle in the ecosystem & helps in decreasing g the earth’s temperature.

4.There is no doubt forests are the backbone of the manufacturing industry and the wood-fuel the product comes from forests fulfills almost 40% supply of renewable energy.

5.There are around 3.3 million hectares of forest area lost around the world every year due to increased population.

6.Forest have different types and categorized largely based on their distance from the equator of the earth.

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Types of forest

Types Of Forest What Are The Types Of Forest (2021)
There are mainly 6 types of forest.

1. Equatorial Moist Evergreen or Rainforest
2. Tropical deciduous forest
3. Mediterranean forests
4. temperate broadleaf forest
5.Warm-temperate deciduous forests
6. Coniferous forest

1. Equatorial Moist Evergreen or Rainforest:

They are generally considered an evergreen hardwood forest. These types of forests generally found between the 10° N and S of the equator of the earth where rainfall is high and equally distributed throughout the year. The average rainfall in this forest is more than 200cm.

They are commonly found in southeast Asia, Asia, equatorial Africa & the South American Amazon basin. Ironwood teak, ebony, rubber, deodar, Mahogany are important plants.

2. Tropical deciduous forest:

They are also known as monsoon forest or semi-evergreen forest. The average annual rainfall is between 40 cm to 250 cm. Trees of this forest shaded their leaves 6 to 8 weeks in a dry summer. Teak, greenheart, sissu, Palash, margosa are the most common plants.

They are commonly found in South Asia, Northern Australia, central South America & the margins of tropical rainforest in Africa.

3.Mediterranean forests:

They are also known as broad-leaf trees primarily found in a Mediterranean climate. It is commonly lactated between 35°-45° N and S of the equator. The annual rainfall is between around 5- to 100 cm.

Oak, eucalyptus, cork, redwood, cypress, alpine, lavender, rosemary, olive trees are the most common plants.

They are commonly found in the Cape region of South Africa, Central Chile of South. America and California in the USA.

4.Temperate broadleaf forest:

They are commonly found between polar & tropical regions. It is also known as a mid-latitude area forest. Raining all the years and due to this reason, these forests are evergreen with hardwood trees.
Keobrack, deodar, eucalyptus are the most common trees. They are mostly found in south china, south japan, south Africa, southeast Australia region.

5.Warm-temperate deciduous forests:

The most specific thing about that forest that there is no layer found in the leaves and trees shade their leaves in the summer season.

Elm, walnut, Maple, beach are the most common trees and they are generally found in japan, northwest china, Korea, New Zealand & Tasmania.

6. Coniferous forest:

It is also known as taiga or tundra forest. This forest is mainly known as scaled leaved evergreen forest. It is present in hemisphere 50°-70° latitude. The leaves of the trees are in a conical shape.

Firs, pines, spruces & larches are the most common plants. These are commonly found in Norway, Finland, China in Asia, Canada & Eurasia.

facts about the forest

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