How To Repot A Plant In 5 Best Steps

How To Repot A Plant

Are you facing any difficulty in how to repot a plant or how properly repot a plant. There is no rocket science require, simply you have to follow some few steps.

Things require before how to report a plant:

1. Planter
2. Watering Cane
3. Shears
4. Gloves
5. Trowel
6. Rubbing Alcohol
7. Potting Soil
8. Your Plant

Why you need repot a plant?

As long as plants grow, they require repot to larger pots, if you unable to repot a plant on time, plant become “pot bound” and its development restricted.If you not placed the plant on the right time, it will hinder the growth of the plants.

How do you know plant need to repot?

How To Repot A Plant ( Steps)

1. If you find out that roots are coming out through the darinage hole at the bottom of the planter.

2. The speed of plants growth is slower than normal.

3.Plants frequently needs more water because it dries out too quickly.

4.Plants falls over easily and too heavy from the top.

5.Water is not absorbed by the plants properly and its sitting on the top.

6.The size of the plants look too big from its pot.

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How To Repot A Plant ( Steps)

steps How To Repot A Plant


1.Select a right pot:

Before report a plan, make sure you select the right pot and it is little bigger from the current pot.

2. Remove plant from current pot:

Normally hold the stem of the plant and try to slide out from the current planter.If you face any difficulty then you slightly tap the bottom of the pot or try to shake the plant gingerly to free the roots.

3. Loosen the roots:
Now its time to loosen the roots by using hands in a gentle way,you can easily prune the root which is extremely long or looked mushy or discolored.

But keep in mind clean your shears with rubbing alcohol before start cutting or pruning to keep your plants healthy.

4.Add a new potting mix :
After loosen the roots, now you place a new potting soil into the planter but make sure the there is suitable place of drainage present at the bottom.

5. Add plant:
Now set add your plant at the top of the new soil, and make sure place it centre to the pot and add some more fresh soil around it.

But make sure avoid using too much amount of soil in the planter, so plants roots have no problem in breathing.

6. Add water:
Now add water on the plant until, it finish draining from the bottom of the planter, make sure you add sufficient amount of water.

How To Repot A Plant (3)


After following all these steps, anyone can easily guide someone how to repot a plant sucessfully.

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