Bamboo Plant Turning Yellow 3 Best Reasons

Bamboo Plant Turning Yellow

Are your bamboo plant turning yellow and you don’t understand what’s the reason behind it.

Before knowing what are the main reason why bamboo plant turning yellow, first get some general idea about bamboo plant which really helps you to understand bamboo characteristics and its nature.

1. Bamboo is a universal plant and there are more than around 2000 varieties of bamboo plants are found all over the world.

2.Bamboo is one of the fastest growing plant in the world and it require lot of space for proper growth, it it face the space issue, then its growth may be affected.

3.Same like other plants bamboo plants require good amount of sunlight and air circulation for their proper growth.

4.Bamboo plant may feel stress, in extreme temperatures, avoid too hot and too cold temperature, medium temperature is ideal for its growth.

5.If you want to a healthy bamboo plant, so provide a soil which contain a good amount of nitrogen and regular supply of water is must.

6.The use of bamboo plant is not limited,they are used in medicine, toys, jewellery, handicrafts, furniture, food items and many more.

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Why Bamboo plant turning yellow:


Bamboo Plant Turning Yellow

1. Over use of fertilizer:

One of the main reason why bamboo plant turning yellow because of the over fertilization. Make sure avoid too much use of fertilizer, for ideal growth twice in a year is more than enough. Always giving fertilizer in liquid from.

2. Because of water:

Yes underwater or over water is also responsible for the bamboo plant turning yellow. If plant not receive enough amount of water, it may feel stressed and avoid over watering to the plant, otherwise algae or other fungi are growing around the stem and plant surface which may create problem to roots, roots are unable to absorb right amount of gas from the atmosphere.

3. Temperature:

A Extreme temperature really affect the growth of the bamboo plant and its turning yellow, so avoid high cold and high hot temperature, place the plant where temperature is normal.

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Bamboo plant ( Tips & warning)

1. For faster growth you can use half rotten cow or horse feces, as a compost and mix it with soil.

2. If you found that the leaves of bamboo plant is started to curl-in, it simply means that your plant is not get enough amount of water, they are lacking water supply.

3. Make sure while growing indoor plants, give sufficient water but avoid over watering.

4. If required pruning or propagating the plant on time, so they will grow in a healthy manner.

Bamboo Plant Turning Yellow



After reading all this,now you get a good idea why bamboo plant turning yellow and how to fix this problem easily.

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