How To Care For Citronella Plant In 5 Simple Steps

How To Care For Citronella Plant

Are you interested to grow the citronella plant in your garden but you don’t have any idea how to care for citronella plant, so it will grow faster without having any problem?

Before getting full information about how to care for citronella plant, first get some basic idea about the citronella plant.

The botanical name of the citronella plant is Pelargonium Cironellum and it has some other common names like Citrosa Geranium, mosquito plant geranium, the mosquito plant, and citronella mosquito plant, etc.

It is a grass plant and also referred to as lemongrass and it is most commonly used as a natural way of keeping mosquitoes away from the house, that’s why it is called a mosquito plant. They are generally used as a mosquito repellent.

Citronella plants grow easily and require extremely minimal efforts. They have no problem in growing under full or half sunlight if you give them regular water supply.

If you want to grow inside the house make sure you plant it near the window, where they get some amount of light.

Make sure when you supply the proper amount of water on a regular basis they grow very fast, so if require a report than it as soon as possible, otherwise the plant not able to hold the water and their growth will affect.

Citronella plant is very sensitive to low temperature and frost, they can’t tolerate the low temperature. You can place inside while in winter and they grow very fast, make sure you can trim on regular basis. When winter is gone, place them outside of the house.

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How to care for Citronella plant ( tips & warning):

How To Care For Citronella Plant


1.It is one of the most versatile plants to grow, you can plant it anywhere ( outdoor or indoor) and this is an extremely fragrant plant.

2. Make sure before planting the citronella, select the place which has a good amount of space because they grow up to 6 feet tall and 6 feet wide, if there is no space plant may feel stress.

3. They are ideal for growing in the loamy soil area that receives filtered sunlight.

4. It is a native of tropical South and Southeast Asia, they grow in a mimic humid climate, so they require daily water supply for better growth.

5. Make sure plants require at least 6 hrs of sunlight in a day and it 65 to 70 degrees Fahrenheit.

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