Slash And Burn Agriculture Complete Guide

Slash And Burn Agriculture

Are you want to know about slash and burn agriculture and it is good or bad for our environment.

Slash and burn agriculture is basically a subsistence farming method and it is also known as shifting cultivation or Swidden agriculture.

It is a form of agriculture practice in which natural vegetation like forest & woods are cut down and burn to clear the land for agriculture purposes.

After using once or twice when the soil lost their fertility farmers moving to different places. In slash and burn agriculture method land is hardly used for around 1 year because after producing 1 or 2 crops, soil declines its fertility and the crop plants have no good chance to grow faster.

It is a repeated process and farmers change the location after some time and moved to a new plot where a good amount of soil fertility is available.

Millions of families who are living in tropical hilly regions they practice this type of agriculture for producing their food. Slash and burn agriculture is totally sustainable agriculture because it does not require any outside input like fertilizer, pesticides, and irrigation.

This type of agriculture is ideal for the practice in the low-intensity farming situation where farmers have a large amount of land.

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Advantages of Slash and burn agriculture

Slash And Burn Agriculture

1. The people who are living in mountain or hilly areas, slash and burn agriculture is the source of living and income.

2.Its also helps to improve the biodiversity of the area of plants and shrubs because of rotational cropping.

3.It is much cheaper than any other agriculture farming method.

4.In the long run it is always beneficial for the environment and soil fertility because there no use of fertilizer or chemical while planting the crop in slash and burn agriculture.

Disadvantages of Slash and burn agriculture

1. One of the greatest disadvantages is practicing shifting agriculture is deforestation.

2.This type of agriculture practice promotes soil erosion because of deforestation.

3.Soil loss its fertility and it will recover in long run.

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