Agriculture Definition Understand In Easy Steps

Agriculture definition

Are you looking for an agriculture definition? What is the exact definition of agriculture?

What is agriculture definition:

Basically, agriculture is the science and art of practicing some set of techniques which include cultivation of crops, raising livestock, feeding, breeding, aquaculture, and dairy farming, etc.

It is a science that is a combination of dairy science, botany, social science, food science, economics, and pathology. These are subjects also know as branches of agriculture.

Agriculture does not play only a vital role in the development of any country but also provides job and employment opportunities to the people.

Most of the raw manufacturing industries directly indirectly depend on agriculture. Not all humans but also animals depend on agriculture for their food and fodder.

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what is Agriculture definition

Agriculture plays an important role in human civilization and industrial growth. The raw material provided by agriculture not also used by manufacturing industries but also used as human life safety medicines.

For many people, agriculture is a great source of saving and livelihood. Around more than one-third of the world population depends on agriculture.

Dairy farming is an important part of agriculture and also plays an important role in enhancing the food industry’s taste.

Under the practice of agriculture the production of crops, horticulture, livestock, poultry, and dairy farming are the main activities.

Nowadays people use modern agriculture methods and avoid traditional agriculture methods to gain more crop production and more possibility to make a higher profit.


Agriculture Definition Understand In Easy Steps

After reading all the agriculture facts, know you have a good idea about agriculture definition and how agriculture is important for us.

The advancement of agriculture technology really changes the way of agriculture practices.

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