Types Of Agriculture Best 7 Types You Must Know

Types Of Agriculture

Before knowing the types of agriculture, firstly get some basic idea about what is agriculture and why it is important.

Agriculture plays an important role in human life on this earth. Agriculture is a science and technique of cultivating plants and livestock survive on this earth thousands of years ago.

There are many useful products you found from agriculture like food, fiber, fuels, and other raw material.

Basically, agriculture is a science which is the combination of botany, dairy science, social science, economics, food science, soil science, forestry, and chemistry.

Agriculture plays a very important role to boost the economy of any country. Their many types of agriculture techniques used by people all around the world according to their needs and geography.

Types Of Agriculture

Types Of Agriculture

Here you will get to know what are the types of agriculture, so you have a good idea about agriculture techniques.

1. Shifting type of agriculture:

It is commonly known as slash & burn agriculture. This is the most common method of primitive farming and generally practice in hilly or mountain areas.

This method is most commonly practiced by tribes of nomads and farmers, in which they can clear the plot of land by burning the forest, so they can grow the food on that land.

Generally, roots crops are grown like maize, rice, millet, and cassava are grown under this agriculture process.

2.Plantation Farming:

it is also known as a monoculture type of farming, in which only one type of crop is grown on a large area of land.

The main motive of plantation farming technique is such type of crops that are processed before marketing and this type of crop is very profitable in the international market.

In this plantation or monoculture farming, cocoa, tea, rubber, coffee, and sugar cane are used as main crops.

3.Extensive agriculture:

In this type of agriculture process generally, those types of crops or agro products are grown which is market-oriented or having high demand in the market, this type of crop also known as a cash crop.

In this type of agriculture, the use of agriculture instruments on large scale in comparison to other agriculture types.

4.Mixed Farming:

As its name you get some idea about what type of crops are grown under this agriculture process crops is grown along with cattle is reared.

In this type of agriculture remnant, part of the crop is used as animal fodder, and dung is used for improving soil fertility.

In this type of farming method farmers grow mixed crops, some for personal use, and some for selling in the market.

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Types Of Agriculture

5.Truck Farming:

It is an intensive type of farming method in which the cultivation of agriculture crops are grown away from the market.

In this type of agriculture method, vegetables are grown in rural areas and supply in the urban area where people are living. The vegetables are supplied by truck.


This is also one of the main forms of agriculture, in which flowers and fruits are grown. The main motive of horticulture to produce fruits and flowers and which are used to make beer or vine and scent.

7. Dairy Farming:

Dairy farming is one of the biggest economic sectors in agriculture. In this type of farming method rearing of cattle on large scale for milk. This type of farming is ideal for the temperate type of climate region.


After reading this now you have a basic idea about types of agriculture and what is the importance of agriculture in human life.

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