Benefit Of Agriculture In 7 Steps

Benefit Of Agriculture

No doubt there are many benefit of agriculture and it plays an important role in the nation’s economy.

Agriculture not only provides food for the population but also plays an important role in industrial growth.

You can not assume that human life survives without agriculture. From human civilization to the modern era agriculture play an important role.

Here you know about what is the benefit of agriculture and why it is important. Every country either it is a developed or progressing country everyone is depending on agriculture directly or indirectly.

Benefit of agriculture:

Benefit Of Agriculture

1.One of the greatest benefit of agriculture is, it provides food for humans but also livestock produced for us. Because of the agricultural world is easily maintaining the food supply problem.

2.Just like other trees and plants, agriculture crops also play an important role in purifying the air from the environment, they release oxygen while the process of photosynthesis, and this oxygen is used by humans and animals.

3.There is no doubt agriculture prevents soil erosion and flooding. Agriculture crops absorb and hold water during rain or flood, prevent soil erosion.

4.Agriculture is the economic backbone of the country, From developed to progressing country agriculture plays an important role in the GDP & Revenue of the country. In especially In developing country agriculture is the main source of employment.

5. Agriculture is a primary source of raw material for the food and manufacture industry. Cotton, sugar, palm oil, wood, etc are coming from agriculture. All these agriculture raw materials are used by important manufacturing industries like pharma, chemical, food, beverage, infrastructure, health, medicine, and other manufacturing.

6. Agriculture gives us an option of biofuels which is pollution-free and gives no stress on the environment. Plants like Jatropha or corn are used as a biofuel nowadays and this is the main reason why the importance of agriculture is

7.Agriculture is not only useful for providing employment but also a great source of saving and income.

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