How To Propagate Snake Plant With 6 Steps

How To Propagate Snake Plant

Are you want to know how to propagate snake plant. But before you how to propagate snake plant, firstly get some basic idea about the snake plant. The scientific name of Sansevieria Trifaciata.

Snake plants are a house plant which is also known as mother-in-law’s tongue. The leaves of the snake plant are rigid and it growing in an upward direction with a slow growth rate. The leaves look like a sword with a dark green color.

Snake plants are coming in different varieties with different colors and their leaves grow up to 4 feet tall and up to 6 cm in width. Snake plants are

How to propagate snake plant:

How To Propagate Snake Plant

There is no rocket science behind how to propagate snake plant. While propagating snake plant, avoid overuse of water and need regular care of the snake plant.

Step 1: In the first step you need a parent snake plants and a sharp knife. You have to select a mature plant leaf, so there is no problem to grow the baby plant. You need to cut at least 6 inches long part from the parent plant leaves.

Step 2: Take the 6-inch leaves and again cut into 2 inches section long. Put that leaves into a potting mix and propagate them for successful growth.

Step 3:Now it’s time to fill the pot around 3 inches with a potting mix and provide some moisture to the pot so it is ready for propagation.

Step 4: After moisturizing the mixing pot, now it’s time to insert the section of the snake plant and place them around half into the mixing.keep in mind when you place the section its right side up.

Step 5: After planting the section, now it’s time to provide some light and warm to the pot. Make sure when the surface of the pot is drying and add some water to the plant on regular basis. Avoid too much water to snake plants, otherwise, the plant may be stressed.

Step 6: Now it’s time to monitoring the plant and keep taking care of the plant on regular basis. It takes several months to grow a new plant.

How To Propagate Snake Plant (1)

How to propagate snake plant ( Tips & warning):

1. For propagation select mature parent leaves.

2.Provide proper amount of water, snake plants require a good amount of water but avoid overuse.

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