Agriculture Pollution Its Reasons And Effects In 7 points

Agriculture Pollution Its Reasons And Effects

Are you want to know what is agriculture pollution and how agriculture is responsible for polluting the environment. There is no doubt without agriculture there is no existence of human life. Agriculture plays an important role in the development of human civilization.

Basically, agriculture pollution refers to the increase of contaminates which is harmful to the environment as a result of agricultural practices.

Through the water, a medium environment is highly affected by the highest parentage of agriculture pollutants in form of agricultural runoff.

Agriculture pollution is not only spoiling water bodies but also affect negatively the air quality.

The harmful biotic and abiotic byproducts of agriculture practices like chemicals and fertilizers really affect the environment negatively.

Causes of Agriculture Pollution:

Causes of Agriculture Pollution

1. Excessive use of fertilizer and pesticides for sake of high demand crop production.

2.Agriculture runoff really negatively impacts the water bodies and surrounding and impact the growth of animals and plants.

3.Regular uses of fertilizer and pesticides really affect the soil fertility and loss of soil nutrients.

4.Because of the increasing demand for food and fodder, there is a lot of need for agricultural land and it may reduce the forest area, this creates a problem in land management.

5.There is a big issue of organic contamination, people have an issue to decompose.

6.Because of the excessive use of chemicals and pesticides, the vegetable and crops may found toxic substances.

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Effects A Agriculture Pollution:

Effects A Agriculture Pollution
1.Agriculture runoff the water which contain chemical really affects the water bodies and species because it reduces the oxygen demand in the water.

2.It really affects the environment by eutrophication, due to the excessive use of water and bloom and algae really affects soil fertility.

3.Because excessive use of pesticides and fertilizer, there is a decrease in the crop yields in along a run.

4.There is no doubt there due to the advancement of agriculture technology, the production of agriculture crops is increasing but at the same time, one of the biggest disadvantages is increasing the price and cost.

5.Due to the use of agriculture equipment like a tractor or other machinery, there is a rise in temperature because of carbon.

6.There is a loss of biodiversity and the ecosystem. Because of the use of chemicals and pesticides the kills the microorganism, insect, and butterflies.

7.The use of chemicals and fertilizers directly or indirectly affects the lives of animals.


There is no doubt agriculture plays an important role in providing food and employment. Agriculture plays an important role in the countries development and livelihood. But at the same time, it affects the environment, so you need to keep a change in agriculture practices, so there is the possibility to reduce the harmful effect of agriculture on the environment.

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