Companion Planting Understand In Simple Steps (2021)

Companion Planting Understand In Simple Way

Are you want to know about companion planting? How companion planting is beneficial for your garden and reduces the cost of gardening.

In the process of companion planting, different varieties of plants are growing together which is symbiotically beneficial and helps in growing each other in a particular area.

While planting companion plants make sure to select those varieties which required the same amount of sunlight, water, and the same type of soil, so they have no problem in thriving and build a symbiotic relationship with them.

If you match all these requirements, you can easily get success in companion planting because in companion planting both plants are able to save themselves from pests, disease & fungus. This is the reason why most gardeners try companion gardening.

By use of companion planting, you can grow almost every type of crop, fruits & vegetables.

Benefits of Companion Planting:

Benefits of Companion Planting

After knowing the benefit of companion planting, there is no doubt you will also practice this planting method.

1. Nitrogen fixation:

As you no nitrogen plays a very important role in the development of plants. Under companion planting, both help each other in nitrogen fixation & as a result, they can grow fast in comparison to other plants.

2.Enrich the flavor:

If you growing fruits or vegetables by using this planting method, you found that the taste, color, and flavor of the plant is increasing in comparison to others.

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3.Protective shelter:
During this process, one plant saves others from windbreak & from excessive sunlight by providing them shady light.

4.Pest control:

One of the great advantages of using this technique that both plants have no or very few chances of getting affected by pests or other insect attacks. This is works as a symbiotic relationship.

5.Cost saving:
It is a very cost-saving method to growing the plants because by using this method you can easily trap the crop and there is no need for fertilizer, both plants help each other in thriving.

Companion Planting (tips & warning):

Companion Planting (tips & warning)

1. Make sure to always choose a true companion so they easily coexist without interfering with each other.

2.Before planting makes sure you have a good knowledge of plant life cycle, root system, and growth habits, so after planting you may not face any issue.

3.It is always recommended monitoring the plant regularly and make sure both plants get enough amount of sunlight and water. If they face any issue fix them as soon as possible.

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