How Do Aquatic Plants Perform Photosynthesis With Best 4 Points

How Do Aquatic Plants Perform Photosynthesis

Are you curious to know how do aquatic plants perform photosynthesis and how they survive and how they make their food?

Before getting an answer to this question how do aquatic plants perform photosynthesis, firstly you know about aquatic plants’ characteristics, types, and behavior, then you easily understand.

Aquatic plants are those plants that survive in an aquatic environment like the sea, river, pond, etc.

Aquatic plants also know as hydrophytes or macrophytes. Aquatic plants can only grow in water or a surface of the soil where water is frequently passing through it.

No matter what types of plants aquatic plants or land plants, they don’t depend on others for there food, because they make there own food by the process of photosynthesis.

The process of making food or photosynthesis in both land and aquatic plants is almost the same.

There are mainly three types of aquatic plants are found: Submerged aquatic Plants, emergent aquatic plants, and free-floating aquatic plants.

Aquatic plants or aquatic vegetation plays important role in maintaining the aquatic ecosystem and also helps in maintaining the water cycle.

The function of aquatic plants:

The function of aquatic plants

Before knowing how do aquatic plants perform photosynthesis and why it is important. Now you have to understand first the function of aquatic plants. As you know the aquatic plant is a natural part of the aquatic ecosystem or lake ecosystem. Besides, there are many other functions of aquatic plants.

1. Aquatic plants produce leaves and stem which is used as a food by many other aquatic species or animals.

2.Aquatic plants maintain the oxygen level in the water, they produce oxygen by the process of photosynthesis and this oxygen helps other species to survive in the water.

3.Aquatic plants help in maintaining water pollution, they reduce the amount of chemical and other harmful substances in water and helps water species to survive for a long time.

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What is the photosynthesis process:

What is the photosynthesis process

Photosynthesis is a process in which plant make their own food by using sunlight and carbon dioxide gas.

The process of photosynthesis also represent by chemical formula and this chemical equation also know as the photosynthesis equation.

6CO2 + 6H2O ——> C6H12O6 + 6O2

CO2 indicates Carbon dioxide, H2O indicates water, C6H12O6 indicates glucose, and O2 indicates Oxygen.

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How do aquatic plants perform photosynthesis:

How do aquatic plants perform photosynthesis

Because of the underwater environment aquatic plants unable to access large amounts of carbon dioxide and sunlight.

Due to the less accessibility of carbon dioxide and light aquatic plants have a special type of layer found in their leaves which is known as a diffusive boundary layer (DBL) which is very thick and dense.

This DBL layer is responsible for the low carbon fixation in aquatic plants, because of this layer aquatic plants stomata are found on the top of leaves and they are always open.

And due to this condition plants unable to collect large amounts of nutrients and so pants develop another mechanism to regain the ability to absorb the proper amount of nutrients.

For carbon fixation aquatic plants have the ability to fulfill carbon dioxide demand from uptake bio-carbonate in the water and this bio carbonate maintains the pH and Carbon dioxide level in the plant and this is how do aquatic plants perform the photosynthesis process.

Aquatic plants fulfill their carbon dioxide, water from their aquatic environment. Although they are aquatic plants and some of them found underwater but they still absorb light energy from the sun because sunlight also passes from water.

This is how the whole process is done, aquatic plants have no problem in making their own food. They easily perform their photosynthesis process.


After reading this now you have a clear idea of how do aquatic plants perform photosynthesis and how they survive.

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