How To Plant Potatoes In 4 Easy Steps

How to plant potatoes

Are you looking for how to plant potatoes and grow them successfully? There is no doubt potato is one of the easiest vegetables to grow in the garden if you know the right process.

Potato is a very popular vegetable with fresh and nutritional flavor, that’s why most people want to grow in the garden but they don’t have the right strategy on how to plant potatoes successfully.

To learn how to planting potato is always beneficial for you because it saves your money and time rather than going to the grocery to purchase


1. Tools-Garden folk, garden spade, and Shovel.

2.Other things: Good quality of seeds, water, sunlight, fertilizer.

Steps on how to plant potatoes

Steps on how to plant potatoes

1.Know the right time of planting:

Planting potato is a very easy process but the main thing is you have to remember when to plant and what is the ideal timing of planting potato?

The right time to sown the potatoes seed in the ground is as early as in the spring, so potato seeds have no problem in growing.

2.Select a good quality of seeds:

After knowing the ideal time of planting potatoes, now you have to select a good variety of seeds, so you get a good amount of vegetable production.

You can buy a good potato seed from nurseries, malls, vegetable stores, or any garden centers.

3.Planting time:

Generally, potatoes seeds take 2-3 weeks times to sprout from the soil. As you know earlier potato crops should be planted during early spring. Keep in mind the potato seeds won’t be grown until soil temperature rise at least 45 degrees F.

4.Care and maintenance:

Potato plants need a cold climate to thrive and grow well. If you want to plant and grow in summer or hot climate, its potatoes might be killed or die because they have no favorable temperature to grow.

If you want to enhance the growth of your potatoes before planting them keep the seeds in the refrigerator.

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How to plant potatoes ( tips & warnings):

Steps on how to plant potatoes
1. Always try certified new seeds or a good variety of seeds because potatoes have a high risk of several diseases.

2.Avoid waterlogging while growing potatoes, this will make the soil cake up and your potato seeds may be decomposed.

3.Make sure potato plants always get enough sunlight each day and keep giving water on a regular basis according to their needs.

4.For best crop production you can give water to the plant in the early morning, so in the day they get enough amount of sunlight without any problem.

5.If you want to protect your potatoes from the frost, you can use a plastic tent and cover it temporarily.

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