Hydroponics Definition And How Hydroponics Works ( 6 Points)

hydroponics definition

What is hydroponics definition? The word is hydroponics is a combination of two Greek words hydro and ponics which simply means “waterworks”. In this process, you germinate the crop with the help of water and not using any other growth medium.

Hydroponics is the latest trends used by gardeners. By the use of hydroponics techniques, you can grow plants almost anywhere. It is based on the concept that plant needs mainly 3 things to survive & growth is sunlight, water, and nutrients.

The simple concept behind hydroponics is gardening without soil and that’s why this technique is very trending nowadays. It is a revolutionary idea of growing plants without any use of soil, just simply use of nutrient fortified water with the use of containers.

Hydroponics definition & how hydroponics system works (steps)

hydroponics definition & how hydroponics system works (steps)

1.Hydroponics system works on the simple concept gardeners use water instead of soil and add concentrated nutrients in the water which resembles the fertilizer in the soil in a natural way.

2.Coconut coir, mineral wool, and gravel are used as a medium in place of soil. There are two types of hydroponics systems active and passive.

3.Active hydroponic system: In an Active hydroponic system the nutrients are added in water and supplied around the roots by a pump.

4.Passive hydroponic system: Passive hydroponic system basically relies on capillary action on the growing medium, in this system a nutrient solution is absorbed by the medium or wick and this nutrient is passed through them to the plant roots.

5.In a passive hydroponic system make sure don’t supply too much oxygen to the root system and avoid water overuse, otherwise, it may stop the plant to gain its optimal growth rate.

6.Hydroponics system is also cauterized as nonrecovery and recovery. In the nonrecovery system, the solution is not recovered and can’t reuse, while in the recovery method the nutrient solution is recovered at it can reuse.

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Hydroponics advantages

Hydroponics advantages

1.After knowing the hydroponics definition, now it’s time to know the advantages of using hydroponics over conventional means and also good for your environment.

2. One of the great advantages of using a hydroponic technique that your plants have a very low risk of any kind of disease or infection in comparison to the traditional methods.

3.Plants grow in a much faster & healthy way in comparison to the traditional methods but also plants have enriched in quality, they have good in color, size & taste.

4. Because of the optimum use of nutrients and water, there is no loss of water and no or very less use of insecticides and pesticides in comparison to other methods.

5. One of the greatest benefits of using hydroponic techniques you can grow any plant or vegetable in unusable weather conditions.



Now you have some basic idea about what is hydroponics definition and how the hydroponics technique is better than traditional methods. Why hydroponics is famous among gardeners and farmers.

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