How To Store Grapes In 5 Simple Steps

How To Store Grapes

Are you want to know how to store grapes and use them for a long time. There is no doubt grapes are very sweet & healthy fruit which is liked by all age group people all around the world.

Because of the nutritional value and health benefits of grapes, its demand is too high and that’s why people want to know how to store grapes for a long period of time, so they can use it according to their need for some days.


Before knowing how to store grapes successfully, firstly get some basic idea about grapes. Grapes are healthy, tangy, and juicy snack. There are more than 60 varieties of grapes that are used in eating and making vine.

Grapes generally contain 70-80% of water and contain 20-30% sugar ( Glucose and Fructose). Gallic acid, iron, phosphoric acid, manganese, folic acid, and other additional vitamins make grapes a unique fruit.

And this is the reason why grapes are regularly used by people all around the world. However, keep grapes fresh and its storage creates problems because most people have no idea how to store grapes in the right way.

Here you find some awesome method or tips which really help you how to store grapes successfully.

Steps How to store grapes

Steps How to store grapes

1. Check for deterioration:

Before going to plan to storage the grapes for a long period of time, firstly try to select the fresh grapes. Before placing the grapes for storage, make sure to check for signs of mold, poor stem attachment, or shriveling.

Be careful while finding the signs of mold, otherwise, if a mold or rotten grapes is remaining, so they mold other grapes surrounding them. So make sure to select a good cluster of grapes that is free from mold.

2.Place them in cold:

Like other fruits grapes also like to keep in the freezer at 4 degrees Celsius. Keep in mind while placing the grapes into the freezer, store them away from the onions and leeks, they have the ability to absorb odour. For best results place them in the back of the free, so they cool smartly.

3.Store them with the original bag:

If you want to store grapes kept in the freezer for a long period of time, place them in the original bag. The reason behind, in most cases grapes bag, have the ability to hold the freshness and shine for a long period of time comparison of normal packing or any other bag.

4.Store them without wash:

Make sure do not rinse the grapes before storing them in the freezer. Extra moisture may cause the decay process faster than unwashed grapes.

So it is recommended to place the grapes without washing them in the freeze and when you need them then wash them accordingly. After washing grapes, your grapes are ready for a taste.

5.Freeze them Too:

If you want to enjoy the taste of grapes, for a little longer period of time, then you freeze them too.

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How to store grapes ( Tips & warning):

How to store grapes ( Tips & warning)

1. Always place the grapes in the plastic bag while placing it in the freeze.

2.Avoid washing grapes before storing them.

3.Use a zip-lock plastic bag, which helps grapes to hold the freshness for a long period of time.

4.Make sure while placing the grapes in the freezer, clean the grapes very well, there is no dirt remaining on the skin of the fruit, otherwise, it may decay the grapes.

5.Be careful while sorting the grapes from your hands, otherwise they hold the are going soft very fast.


After reading these insights you know very well how to store grapes in the right way. Always keep in mind before sorting grapes, filter the mold or spoiled fruit, which may create from after storing. Always wash the grapes before ready to eat.

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