How To Grow A Mango Tree From Seed In 6 Easy Steps

how to grow a mango tree from seed

Are you want to know how to grow a mango tree from seed successfully?

If you are one who lives in a climate that is ideal for the growth of mango trees and you want to grow a mango tree from seed in your garden.

Before knowing how to grow a mango tee from seed, firstly let get some basic idea about mango.

Mango is a very juicy, sweet,nutrient-rich & delicious fruit, that’s why it is called a king of fruits. They are ideally grown in the tropical and subtropical climate areas.

Mango fruits are packed with antioxidants, fiber, less protein, vitamins, and minerals. The botanical name of mango is Mangifera indica and it belongs to the family of Anacardiaceae mostly found in the India & East Asia region.

Mango trees generally gain height between 40ft to 120 ft and they have deep root systems and young mango leaves look like copper color and mature leaves turn into dark green color.

There is no doubt every part of the mango tree is used for medicinal purposes and it is one of the most famous medicinal plants according to Ayurveda.

Because of its nutritional and health benefits, its demand is increasing day by day and that’s why lots of people interested to grow a mango tree in their garden.

Steps how to grow a mango tree from seed:

Steps how to grow a mango tree from seed

1. Take a well mature ripe mango and remove the fruit from the husk and take out the husk from the center of the mango without cutting them.

2.After leftover the fruit from the husk, take a sharp knife and cut the husk from the center carefully. Make sure while cutting the husk from the knife, the inside seed is not want to damage.

3.After cutting the husk from the center, now remove the seed from the husk and throw away the husk. The seed you found from the husk is in the shape of a limba seed with an eye on the top.

4.Now it’s time to ready a pot with potting mix and make sure the pot has a good drainage system with holes in the bottom and wet the soil before placing the seed.

5.After getting ready the pot, now it’s time to place the mango seed into the pot in the right way. Make a small hole and place the seed inside it but make sure the eye part of the seed is in an upward direction.

6.Now cover the seed up to half-inch or 1.27 centimeter of soil and waiting for the few weeks, the seed will sprout.

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How to grow a mango tree from seed ( Tips & Warning):

How to grow a mango tree from seed ( Tips & Warning)

1. Keep watering the plant on a regular basis when you found the surface of the soil is dry but make sure avoid overwatering the plants, generally, mango plants don’t need a lot of water. Watering to a mango plant is once a week is more than enough.

2.When your potted plant is growing enough, as soon as place the mango plant outside or backyard in your garden, otherwise it may face a lot of problems in growing in the pot for a long period of time.

3.When a mango fruit turning yellow, it means it is ready to harvest and ready for serving.

4.Prune your mango tree when it needs, on regular basis.

5.Use non-chemical fertilizer if require, generally mango plants need fertilizer in the first year of their growth.

6.Make sure your mango plants receive enough amount of sunlight, for better growth.


The Mango plant fruit is a very tasty fruit and it is a favorite of everyone. After getting the insights, you have a good idea about how to grow a mango tree from seed successfully and enjoy the taste of mango fruit.


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