Neolithic Revolution The First Agriculture Revolution (2021)

Neolithic Revolution The First Agriculture Revolution (2021)

Neolithic Revolution

Are you want to know about the neolithic revolution? The neolithic revolution is also known as the first agricultural revolution.

This revolution is the witness of human civilization from hunting to gathering farming. Neolithic revolution tells us how hum starts adopting agriculture & farming practices.

Why the age of neolithic called a revolution because during that time human start farming and they start living in one place for a very long period of time.

This revolution really changes the way of living of humans and they help to develop human societies & communities.

During the neolithic age, people start adapting agriculture methods, crop cultivation, and start domesticating animals for their personal use.

This revolution led to living in semi-permanent or permanent and most people avoid nomadic life, they prefer to settle down.

Neolithic Revolution

Around 23000 years ago during the neolithic revolution, people start planting seeds and increasing domestication with crop storage.

The neolithic age is also known for the new stone age, people start making use of stone in agriculture.

In this revolution, people are moving towards the innovation of ensuring the bronze & iron age and developing agriculture instruments.

During that time wheat & barley are the main crops that people are harvested mainly.

Neolithic Revolution The First Agriculture Revolution

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