Top 12 Reasons Why Should We Plant Trees?

Why Should We Plant Trees

As a student are you want to know why should we plant trees? There is no doubt tress plays an important role in maintaining the ecosystem of the air but also helps humans to survive on earth.

If you are totally new and don’t have any idea why should we plant trees, then you are coming to the right place, at the end you are capable of identity why should we plant trees and what is the importance id pants in our life.

Reasons why should we plant trees?

Reasons Why Should We Plant Trees?

1. Purify the air:

One of the most important benefits of plant tress is that you purify the air. Tress has a good capacity to intercept the air like carbon monoxides, ozone, nitrogen oxide, sulfur & particulate manner.|

2.Reduce noise pollution:

Tress has a great potential to absorb the very high voice into them, and reduce voice pollution, this is the reason why most of the trees are planted on airport sites.

3.Detoxify soil:

Trees have a great quality to store some pollutants and convert them into a less toxic substance.

4.Reduces tress:

There is no doubt tress are beautiful and they improve the aesthetics of the place. The beautiful greenery formed the tress really helps everyone t reduce their stress and feels good.

5.Provide as important products:

There is no doubt tress provide us food, medicine, shelter, and many other products that human use directly or indirectly in their daily life.

6.Maintain the environment cycle:
Tress plays a major role in maintaining and balancing the environment cycle. Because of trees, our environment is stable and humans can survive.

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Top 12 Reasons Why Should We Plant Trees?

7.Check soil erosion:
Tress has the capability to check soil erosion and they play a major role in saving our environment and helps soil to mainta9in their soil fertility.

8.Reduce earth temperature:
There is no doubt because of tress earth are capable of maintaining their temperature. Trees reduce the amount of carbon in the atmosphere by fixing it.

9.Provide us Oxygen:

Because of tress human existence is possible. Trees convert carbon-di-oxide into oxygen and as humans, we all know how oxygen is very important for us,

10. Maintain local water cycle:

Trees are capable of maintaining the water cycle in their surrounding area. The area that covers a good amount of trees, holds a good amount of water & maintains a good amount of water level. The area where trees are found has a high possibility of good rainfall in comparison to there are no trees.

11.Provide shelter:

There is no doubt tress provide us food to feed but also provides shelter to humans and other animals. Thus it maintains the ecosystem of the environment.

12.Tress enhance the beauty of nature:

Due to the urbanization of the areas or city, people are more conscious about planting trees in their areas, so they can enjoy the beauty of nature and keep them happy by giving a good amount of oxygen.

Top 12 Reasons Why Should We Plant Trees?

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