What is Vermicompost And Best 7 Benefits Of Vermicomposting

What is Vermicompost And Benefits Of Vermicomposting

Are you curious to know what is vermicompost and what is the benefits of vermicomposting? There is no doubt vermicomposting is one of the amazing sources of compost for your plants & this is the reason why vermicompost is called a gardeners friend.

If you are a total beginner in gardening and don’t know about what is vermicompost and how it’s working, then you are coming to the right place, here you know general insights about what is vermicompost and why it is important to you vermicompost in your garden.

What is vermicompost:

What is Vermicompost

In simple words vermicomposting is the process of turning food waste or organic waste into compost that contains high quality of nutritive value with the help of earthworm or composting worms like red wiggler, white worms & African nightcrawler.

According to agriculture experts, vermicompost is a rich source of nitrogen, potassium & phosphorous. It acts as a soil conditioner and this is best for plant growth.

The organic waste that is turned into compost by the eath worm is known as casting. The whole process of turning food waste or organic waste into a rich compost s known as vermicomposting.

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What are the benefits of vermicomposting

what are the benefits of vermicomposting
1.Water retention:

The soil holds water retention capacity in an amazing way if you use vermicompost in your garden. The vermicompost holds the soil particles in a good way and able to store moisture for a very long time in comparison to a garden where no vermicompost is used.

2.Better nutrition delivery rate:

If you use vermicompost that is a great source of potassium, phosphorous & nitrogen when it mixes with water then your plant gets a better delivery rate of nutrition, so there is a high chance of plants’ sustainable growth.

3.Pest suppression:

If you smartly used the vermicompost, it will not only helps in plants thriving but also helps you in pest suppression by stave off the attack.

4.Maintain pH level:

There is no doubt casting or vermicompost contain a good amount of humic acids that not really help in soil conditioning but also helps to maintain the pH of the soil. So if you use vermicompost in your garden it’s a win-win situation for you.

5.Enhance microorganisms growth:

Vermicompost really helps in thriving microbial or microorganism community and these microorganisms really help your garden in soil fixation and plant growth.

6.Nutrition recycle:

The chemical-free compost not really helps your plants away from any chemical side effects but also helps your garden soil to recycle the nutrients very fast.

7.Remediate the soil:

Vermicompost helps the soil to make it nutritive for long period by remediating the soil from agrichemical pollutants & heavy metal free radicals etc.

benefits of vermicomposting

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